Keep Your Car Interior Clean As You Travel With Your Dogs

An easy way to protect the back seat of your car, truck or SUV from spills, scratches, fur and dirt. That way your dogs can enjoy their time no matter how dirty they get.

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Regular Size | Black | 152x143cm
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Take your dog on every ride and never worry about hair, mud or urine again!

Enjoy the trip with your dogs


No need to worry about dirt, dander or claw marks on your car seats anymore. Made of high quality material to protect from unwanted scratches, pet hair, leaks, and accumulated paw dirt.


The cover seat comes with a non-slip finishing, designed to protect your dogs from slipping towards the dashboard every time you hit the breaks.


100% waterproof fabric made to protect your car against water, dust, mud and urine, which makes this amazing dog backseat cover easy to clean.


A premium product made from heavy-duty and water-proof material for maximum protection.

The BEST Dog Seat Cover for Every Car Trip!

Make every journey much safer and more comfortable for both you and your dog.

A must-have essential

The Premium Dog Rear Car Seat offers you with the easiest method to protect the rear seats of your cars and truck, truck, or SUV from spills, scratches, fur, and dirt brought by your animal. Made with resilience, and your dog's convenience in mind, these amazing rear seat covers are made from premium polyester material that is not just 100% water resistant however can also hold up against wear and tear from your animal on a day-to-day basis. A must-have essential every pet owner or dog walker should have somewhere in their trunk.


We all know how bad it can get to go out with your dogs without a mess in the car. So, to avoid putting my self in such situations in the future, I decided to buy this Dog Car Seat Cover and YESS! It made life much more beautiful! TRUST ME YOU DON't WANT THIS YOU NEED IT!

we have a solution!

Pet-Friendly Design

Universal Fit For Any Car, Truck, Or SUV
Through many tests on a variety of automobiles, this hammock has actually never failed to fit just. With the mesh window you can always keep your eyes on your dogs and make sure the circulation of air is reaching the backseat of your car.

It comes with a non-slip base finish developed to safeguard your animal from slipping towards the control panel every time you struck the brakes. This equates to a far more carefree driving experience for you, and a comfy lounging experience for your family pet. Our Premium Dog Rear Car Seat include anchors, that hold it firmly in place, and has a non-slip rubber support that avoids slip-sliding so you NO NEED TO WORRY about dirt, dander or claw marks on your seats.

More On Details

When the rear seats cars and truck cover gets unclean, you can just remove it at ease and wash it in the cleaning device to get it fresh, tidy, and ready for use again. Easy to install within a few minutes according to our instruction manual.

Quick And Easy To Install
Our Dog Car Seat Cover Hammock installs in just a matter of minutes. Just unfold the dog seat, hook the security strap on the front and rear headrest of your SUV, car, or truck.
Don't forget to insert the seat anchors in between the seat back and the seat surface to prevent from sliding.

Bon Voyage

Shop Now $55
Regular Size | Black | 152x143cm
Shop Now $69
Large Size | Black | 162x153cm
🚚 5-7 Days Shipping 🚚

Frequently asked questions

What's the maximum size of pet can the back seat cover fit?

Fits all sizes of dogs, small, medium and large dogs.

Will I be able to see my dog?

Yes, theres a mesh window.

Can someone else sit in the backseat while the covers are installed?

For sure, anyone can sit in the back seat even when the seat covers are on.

Will it hold to dogs scratches?

This item is made from premium high-quality material which could hold to a pit bulls claws.

Easy returns and Fast shipping

We always strive to keeping your happy and try to offer easy returns and fast shipping on all products.

Shop Now $55
Regular Size | Black | 152x143cm
Shop Now $69
Large Size | Black | 162x153cm
🚚 5-7 Days Shipping 🚚


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