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🛁 Grooming

🛁 Grooming

Basic Dog Grooming Necessities in New York

You yourself have the capability to groom your dog. You only need to know how to do it and do it properly.
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5 Benefits Of Dog Paw Balms - Why Use It To Your Dog?

Dogs' paws are resilient, but they also have limitations. Just like our feet, paws are also prone to getting sore, cracked, or cut. The only difference is that our furry pals can't talk and express how painful it is to have dried or swollen paws. It is why a dog paw balm comes in handy for general dog paw care. 
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5 Best Paw Moisturizers For Dogs - Dog Paw Balms For Summer 2022

During summer, our fidos may suffer if you don't apply the best paw moisturizers for dogs. Imagine walking on a surface with bare feet. Most of us are lucky to have shoes or slippers to protect our feet from the scorching sensation of heat. But what about our furry pals? What's worse is that they have four paws that have no protection against hot surfaces.
🦴 Nutrition

How to Know if Your Small Dog's Diet Contains Enough Fatty Acid

How to Know if Your Dog's Diet Contains Enough Fatty AcidDoes your pet's skin and coat look shiny and healthy, or is your dog's fur lacking the silky appearance you prefer? Could this indicate the need for more fatty acids in your dog's diet? A dog's diet affects all aspects of his body including the skin and coat.
🛁 Grooming

How To Groom Your Dogs: Everything You Need To Get and Know!

Dog grooming is one of the lesser-discussed aspects of pet ownership. Other household family pets such as cats are skilled at looking after themselves.However, small dogs or big dogs, both need more regular grooming to keep healthy coats, skin, and teeth.This guide will go over different grooming practices and how to set about performing them.
🧠 Training

The Importance of Keeping Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

Raise your hand if your dog has ever pestered you, following you from room to room with a bored face? If so, rest assured, you are not alone! Boredom and pent-up energy are the most common reasons dogs develop behavioral problems.
🦷 Dogs Dental

5 Best Dog Dental Spray in 2021

Did You Know That According to the American Veterinary Dental College, gum disease (which shows up as bad breath) can actually KILL your dog... It's shame that most dog owners donít realize that dental hygiene is as important for their dogs as it is for themselves. Teeth that have been neglected are subject to several types of mouth disease just like their human friends.
🛁 Grooming

Dog Grooming 101: What Every Owner Should Know

Dog grooming is one of the lesser-discussed aspects of pet ownership. Other household pets such as cats are adept at taking care of themselves. However, canines require more frequent grooming to maintain healthy coats, skin, and teeth. This guide will discuss various grooming practices and how to go about performing them.
🦷 Dogs Dental

Taking Care Of Your Dog's Teeth And Gums

Clean teeth and gums are very important of the overall health of your dog. Here are some information on the most common dental problems of dogs and ways in treating them.
🦷 Dogs Dental

Is Dog Bad Breath A Silent Killer?

Dog bad breath a silent killer! I can just hear it now. This is not an exaggeration, and for that matter cats too. Just imagine a condition that affects you furry friends, but most dog owners often neglect to even look for it.
🛁 Grooming

3+ Best Small Dogs Grooming Scissors

Ever thought of grooming your dogs at home? This post will get you started with selecting the best grooming scissors for small dogs.
🛁 Grooming

Ready To Trim Your Dog's Nails?: Here's What You Need To Know

The one thing dogs are most afraid of and bothered by is nail trimming. It can be a daunting task for any dog owner. Here are some tips to make dog nail trimming easier for you and the dog.
🦷 Dogs Dental

Is Pet Dental Health Really Important?

Many veterinarians stress the importance of oral hygiene because tooth and gum problems are common medical conditions seen in pets. If left unchecked, an unhealthy mouth can affect the liver, kidneys, heart and even the brain. So when you lean in to give your pet a smooch, ask yourself ìDoes my pet need a breath mint?î Studies show that 98% of pets with bad breath are suffering from severe plaque build up. Bad breath not only means that your pet's mouth may be a warehouse...
🍎 Health & Care

Thay Call It "Dog Breath" For A Reason

It's shame that most dog owners donít realize that dental hygiene is as important for their dogs as it is for themselves. Teeth that have been neglected are subject to several types of mouth disease just like their human friends. e know that if we don't brush our teeth, plaque will build up and eventually cause tooth decay. The same thing happens to dogs. When plaque builds up and hardens, it becomes a coarse brown substance called tartar. As tartar accumulates, it can wor...
🦷 Dogs Dental

How Important Is Pet Dental Care?

Dental care is an important part of caring for your pet. Just like humans ñ dogs have teeth that can cause problems if they are not cared for with a proper dental routine. You may have already noticed, but dogs can suffer from bad breath just like humans can.Your vet is an important part of this dental care. Ask your vet to show you how to brush your petsí teeth properly. Your vet knows how to brush their teeth properly so your beloved pet doesnít get gum disease or any o...
🦷 Dogs Dental

Is Dental Care Important For Your Dog?

If only we could get our pets to brush their teeth regularly! Well you know that can't happen . . . but we can help our dogs take care of their teeth and gums. They don't, of course, realize how important dental care is to their health (and maybe you didn't realize it either). Following are some facts about dental problems that may either be causing your dog discomfort right now or might soon affect your dog's health; we'll also give you some tips on treating those proble...
🦷 Dogs Dental

5 Best Dog Toothbrushes

Finding the best dog tooth brush for your dog dental care is very important. It is estimated that over 2/3 of dogs over the age of three have periodontal disease, an inflammation or infection of the tissues surrounding the teeth. Periodontal disease starts as gingivitis caused by plaque and often progresses to involve the bony tooth sockets.
🛁 Grooming

Furesh Launches First-Ever Elevated, Foldable Pet Bathtub on Kickstarter

“We all know how difficult bathing our pets can be, especially if bath time is met with anxiety from our pets and our own aches and pains due to hunching over the bathtub,” said Furesh vice president of marketing, Kenny Li. Furesh takes the mess and stress out of at-home grooming, while also eliminating the need for costly trips to the groomer.”
🛁 Grooming

9+ Essential Grooming Tips To Consider for the Family Dog

Just as proper grooming is important for humans, so too ensuring that your dog remains healthy is part of the grooming experience.
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