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Explore the latest in pet tech at Scruffy the Dog Blog! From smart feeders to tracking collars, we cover gadgets and tech solutions that make caring for your furry friend easier and more fun. Unleash the future of pet care today!
Fi Series 3 Smart Dog Collar: image of fi series 3 dogs gps tracker

Fi Series 3 Smart Dog Collar: How Does It Hold Up?

Discover what sets the Fi Smart Dog Collar apart in our in-depth comparison. From GPS tracking to battery life, learn why it's a top pick in smart dog collars. 🐶📱
background image of group of people going on a hike with dog

Hit the Trails with Confidence: Whistle Go Explore Smart Dog Collar Review for Hikers

If you're an avid hiker or a thrill-seeking adventurer who considers your dog as not just a pet, but a trail companion, then buckle up! You're about to explore the Whistle Go Explore GPS Smart Dog Collar, a device that's as adventurous and reliable as you are.

5 Best Digital Dog Collars For Small Dogs of 2023

A healthy dog is wealthy.With digital dog collars, it can help you track your fido's location and fitness. You can even call the dog even when you're at the other end of the house. These smart collars use GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular data to provide stats to your smartphone or dedicated gadget.Digital dog collars are the next generation in ensuring your pup's health.
Fi smart dog collar vs Fitbark digital dog monitor next to each other

Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs. FitBark Digital Dog Monitor - Which Is A Better Choice?

Between Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs. FitBark Digital Dog Monitor, which is a better option for your furry companion? Fortunately, we have the answer for you. In this comparison, know which makes a digital dog collar between these two different brands.Fi uses a tracker attached to a designated collar, while FitBark only has the tracker. It would help if you bought a separate collar to make the device work. Perhaps, it is the primary difference between these two dog instruments.