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Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs. FitBark Digital Dog Monitor - Which Is A Better Choice?

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September 17, 2023
Fi smart dog collar vs Fitbark digital dog monitor next to each other

Key Takeaways

Between Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs. FitBark Digital Dog Monitor, which is a better option for your furry companion?

Fortunately, we have the answer for you. In this comparison, know which makes a digital dog collar between these two different brands.

Fi uses a tracker attached to a designated collar, while FitBark only has the tracker. It would help if you bought a separate collar to make the device work. Perhaps, it is the primary difference between these two dog instruments.

But let us learn more what the difference between Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs is. FitBark Digital Dog Monitor. How the appearance affect its performance? Let's start with a straightforward and in-depth comparison.

We will be comparing:

  • Design
  • Size
  • Bluetooth and Wifi Connectivity
  • Activity Tracking
  • GPS Tracking
  • Water Resistance
  • Battery Life
  • Price


Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs. FitBark Digital Dog Monitor: Design

The Fi Smart tracking device features a small square shape that comes with a custom collar. Its body uses brushed steel and black plastic. So, you don't have to worry about finding the best collar that would fit the tracker. If you don't want the collar that comes with it, you can always remove the tracking system. But note that you can only use it on compliant Fi dog collars

Meanwhile, FitBark's tracker has a dog bone shape that looks like a dog treat. The primary material used is plastic, so it is lightweight to wear. But it also has a rubber cover that protects the USB charging port.

If you want durability and convenience, then Fi has a better design. It comes with a collar, so you don't have to find one. But if you want something lighter, FitBark is a better option.


Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs. FitBark Digital Dog Monitor: Size

Fi comes in four different sizes, and the smallest fighting has a neck diameter of 111/2 inches. The tracking system is small is like the size of matchbox toy cars. On the other hand, FitBark has a standard size of 1.1 x 1.6 x 0.4 inches. Both are perfect for almost all small dog breeds.


Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs. FitBark Digital Dog Monitor: Bluetooth and WiFi Connection

Both Fi and FitBark use Bluetooth and WiFi connections so that you can sync it with your smartphone. So whether you go out or stay at home, you can connect with the tracking device with a smartphone's WiFi or Bluetooth. 

Activity Tracking

Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs. FitBark Digital Dog Monitor: Activity Tracking

Fi can sense when the dog moves and how many steps they take. You can see the bar graph representing your dog's movements for every hour, day, or month through your smartphone. This gamification is an excellent way to make sure your dog gets enough exercise.

FitBark is a lovely sensor that tracks your dog's everyday activity and sleeps patterns through accelerometer activity. You can convert it into BarkPoints so you can keep track of their progress. It's a new way to keep your dog safe, describe behavioral improvements, and work with your veterinarian to make better decisions.

Embark's New Age Test

GPS Tracking

Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs. FitBark Digital Dog Monitor: GPS Tracking

The Fi app has recently been updated to provide the ability to equate your dog's activity levels to those of other dogs. Although getting all of this information is incredible, you can only access historical activity details after you've signed up for the GPS Plan. This package is a monthly subscription service that includes GPS monitoring and access to historical activity tracking information. It means you have to pay more.

The purpose of GPS on FitBark is to find your dog in case of an emergency. In other words, you can't rely on it to calculate your dog's distance traveled throughout the day. So if you prefer a more accurate reporting on your dog's activity and reliable tracking device, Fi Smart Dog Collar is a better option.

Water Resistance

Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs. FitBark Digital Dog Monitor: Water Resistance

The Fi Smart Collar is water-resistant and waterproof. It also has a strengthened internal metal armor and an armoured aluminum faceplate to help defend against gnashing teeth during bitey-face games. 

FitBark is only waterproof rated IPX7. So, it has protection when submerged up to a 1-meter depth of water. So, both of these devices can withstand a splash of water or any other outdoor elements.

Battery Life

Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs. FitBark Digital Dog Monitor: Battery Life

Fi estimates that a fully charged battery can last three months for dogs who are always at home. For canines that always leave the house for regular walks, the battery power device may last for two months. Meanwhile, you can expect three weeks of battery life for highly active canines that spend a lot of time away from home. Still, it is a powerful battery for a small tracking device.

The FitBark has a battery life that can last from 10 to 14 days, depending on its use. It is a little lower than its counterpart. But for home use, this battery capacity is enough. The clear winner for battery life is the Fi smart tracker.


Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs. FitBark Digital Dog Monitor: Price

For $149, you can get the Fi Smart Collar. The first 30 days of GPS monitoring are free; after that, GPS service plans start at $99 for a year, with small discounts available for multi-year plans. Fi can monitor and track the dog's physical activity (not its location) without requiring a subscription.

The FitBark Dog Activity Monitor costs $99.95. It syncs with clever apps on your phone or computer to track your dog's activity levels. It's simple to use and has a distinct social component. Still, the Whistle is a slightly more appealing choice because of its lower price and built-in WiFi.

Which is a better choice?

Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs. FitBark Digital Dog Monitor - Which Is A Better Choice?

Both Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs. FitBark Digital Dog Monitor offer a wide range of services that you and your fido can enjoy. You can use both devices to know how much exercise your dog needs for the day. In the worst cases, you can track your dog's whereabouts.

If budget is not an issue, Fi Smart Dog Collar is a better option. It gives you all the location and health tracking that you need for your furry pal. The biggest takeaway to get from this device is its massive battery capacity. Plus, you get a tracker and a collar that comes in different sizes.

In choosing between Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs. FitBark Digital Dog Monitor is all about identifying the features you need for a tracking device. Then, set a budget so you'll don't end up spending more than what you can pay.

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