Plenty of pet owners in the modern era opt to adopt their canine friend from a shelter. This wonderful practice gives these animals a new lease on life, and enables them to live out their years with a loving owner.

As owners, we also want what’s best for our pets.  We may spend an ample amount of time feeding and grooming them, but we can never be certain about any health problems they may develop in the future. Luckily, this is where genetic health testing for dogs may be useful.

Let’s examine the various reasons behind why you should DNA test your dog, and look at some great companies that offer this service.

What are Dog DNA Tests?

Dog DNA tests aren’t all that different from human DNA tests. They typically require owners to extract a DNA sample by swabbing the inside of their canine’s cheek before sending off the sample to the company offering the test.

What Does a Dog DNA Test Tell You?

A single Dog DNA test can tell you a lot about your canine. This includes:


If you adopted your canine from a shelter, you may be unsure about their breed. This is especially true in cases of mixed breeds that possess a variety of unique features. There are hundreds of dog breeds out there, which can make it difficult for you to pin down exactly what your dog’s specific breed is.

A Dog DNA testing company will screen your dog’s DNA against the DNA of hundreds of different breeds using “genotyping”and offer accurate insight into their ancestry. It’s not uncommon for shelter dogs to be a mix of many different breeds. A DNA test will provide a detailed breakdown of their breed percentage.

200+ Genetic Health Risks, 350+ Breeds, types, & varieties


DNA testing companies also perform health screening on the samples you provide them. This screening involves checking for hundreds of genetic diseases your dog may be susceptible to. Such information can be invaluable for owners so that they can anticipate and prepare for any future health problems.

Such health problems are all too common with certain breeds. Some examples include:

●     Dry eye or eye deformities inBloodhounds.

●     Gastric dilatation volvulus inPoodles. This condition can be deadly if it isn’t treated with surgery.

●     Canine cancer in Boxers.

●     Patellar luxation, which causes unstable kneecaps for Shih Tzus.

●     Bone cancer and cardiac disorders in Saint Bernards.

●     Hip and elbow dysplasia inGolden Retrievers.

●     Respiratory problems inBulldogs.

●     Epilepsy in Beagles.

●     Eye problems in Pugs.

●     Autoimmune disorders inSuberian Huskies.

How it Works

200,000 genetic markers. | One 30-second swab. | Results in 3-5 weeks!

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Embark’s test was developed by veterinarians in partnership with Cornell University.
Embark can sniff out breeds that make up as little as 5% of your dog’s overall DNA breed mix.
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Register your kit with your profile using the code included with it.


Swab the inside of your dog's cheek for thirty seconds.


Mail your dog's swab back to us with a free return label.

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An Embark Breed + Health dog DNA test enables a dog owner to learn about their pup’s breed, ancestry, health, relatives, and more with a simple cheek swab.

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