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Finally, a subscription service for busy dog owners who want nothing but the best for their pet. For one low price, your dog gets a never-ending supply of fresh dog potty grass, and you get the satisfaction of knowing your dog can “go” when they want - day or night, rain or shine.

From $26 a shipment, with free shipping to anywhere in the continental US!

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Standard | Medium | Large | XL & Even Bunny Lawn

Here’s How It Works:

Your dogs are going to love this

1. Choose a size

choose from. Standard, Medium, Large and XL pet potty grass. Click here to decide what size is right for your dog!

2. Get FREE Shipping

Your subscription ships FREE via Fedex! Just sit back and we’ll take care of the rest. From harvesting a fresh piece of grass, to processing and shipping- we do it all so you don’t have to lift a finger!

3. Be Happy!

Just open your indoor grass mat box when it arrives and enjoy the magic that is DoggieLawn. Place your dog potty on your balcony, patio, indoors, or anywhere you can fit it. You are in complete control. You can receive future shipments on a cadence of your choosing! DoggieLawn is built with YOU and your dog in mind.

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Standard | Medium | Large | XL & Even Bunny Lawn

Frequently asked questions

How will Doggielawn help me?

Doggielawn is all about making the lives of pet parents more convenient when it comes to potty time! In fact, the idea for Doggielawn was conceived by the founders when their own busy schedules made it difficult to come home and walk the dogs at the same time each day. The guilt of thinking about their poor, furry babies waiting to go potty led to them to create a useful, convenient and eco-friendly solution for dog owners everywhere!
You’ll find that Doggielawn is a perfect solution for:
- House-training a puppy
- Apartment residents that don’t have the luxury of a backyard
- Busy professionals that can’t always make it home at the same time
- Senior dogs with incontinence and/or arthritis
- Avoiding the late night walk in the cold/rain/snow
- Pet parents tired of the smell and maintenance from artificial grass
- Homeowners that want to have a dog run on the side of the house in order to protect their grassy backyard

What sizes do you offer?

We offer four different size lawns for you to choose from!
Standard (24 x 16"): For dogs under 15lbs.
Medium (24 x 20"): For dogs up to 30lbs.
Large (24 x 24"): For dogs up to 50lbs.
XL (24 x 48"): For dogs 40lbs and over or multiple dogs.
Click HERE to find out more information on the different sizes we offer!

How do know which subscription is best for me and my furry friend?

You can always give us a call for help determining the best plan for you and your furry friend. We make suggestions based on your dog’s general weight, age and anticipated frequency of use.
For young ones under a year old, we recommend the Standard or Medium Doggielawn. For bigger puppies, the ideal option is to either get the Large or XL Doggielawn or to put multiple of the smaller size lawns side by side to create a bigger surface area.
Frequency: Since young puppies tend to have smaller bladders, they will urinate more frequently than adults. So to make sure the grass is always fresh, we suggest a weekly cycle until they’re older, at which point you can switch to a biweekly schedule.
For adults under 50lbs, we recommend the Large or Medium Doggielawn. For bigger dogs, the ideal option is to either get the larger XL Doggielawn or to put multiple of the smaller size Doggielawns side by side to create a bigger surface area.
Frequency: We suggest a biweekly schedule if your dog is using the Doggielawn about 1-2 times a day. If they’re going more often than that, you may want to consider a weekly subscription. If you have more than one dog using the Doggielawn you may also want to consider a weekly schedule.
For senior dogs under 50lbs, we recommend the Large, Medium, or Standard Doggielawn. For bigger dogs, the ideal option is to either get the larger XL size or to put multiple of the smaller size Doggielawns side by side to create a bigger surface area.
Frequency: For older dogs with incontinence issues or difficulty walking, we highly suggest a weekly schedule due to the high frequency of use. Unfortunately, older dogs may not be able to hold their bladders or take walks like in their younger days, so we recommend the Doggielawn as a way for your dog to always have access to fresh grass for potty time.

My dog loves the grass and uses it frequently. Can I increase my deliveries to every week?

Absolutely! To update your frequency, simply log in to your account and update your plan under the "My Subscriptions" section. You can also request we take care of the change for you by emailing us at

How does the subscription work?

Great question! Select which subscription you’d like and sign up online!
When your DoggieLawn arrives, use the complimentary disposable gloves (which come with every new delivery) to unroll the grass onto your tray (if you've purchased one or have your own). Just remember to remove pet solids daily. When your next shipment arrives, put on the gloves to roll up the old grass, place it in a garbage bag and throw it away in the trash. Then unroll the new grass out onto your tray. Voila! A fresh pet potty, as simple as that.

Will my pup like DoggieLawn?

Dogs like to do their business on real grass. It’s that simple. They like the smell and feel of it because it’s natural! Often they will use it with little or no training. For fussy dogs, all it takes is a little positive reinforcement to get them to use it. Give them a treat when you see them use the lawn the first few times. They’ll be hooked and you’ll love the ease and simplicity of the system. Like all new routines, it does take some time, patience, and consistency to get your pooch fully used to their new grass potty, which is why we offer free consultations with our on-staff training experts. Just give us a ring to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable experts today!

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Standard | Medium | Large | XL & Even Bunny Lawn

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