Bathing your furry buddy
has never been this


Bathe your dog without a mess or backache with Furesh, a folding, portable, and elevated bathing and grooming tub that fits inside your bathtub or shower.

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Choosing the right Bath Tub for your dog

Marine grade PVC

The sink is made of marine grade PVC, which is sturdy, easy to clean, and resistant to wear from the legs and claws.

Integrated drainage system

It has an integrated drainage system with a plug and flexible drain hose. Drain in your bathtub, shower, or other suitable container.

Three-point strap retention

It includes three attachment points with adjustable neck that can make your pet's shower safer and more comfortable.

Elevated Folding Bath Tub for Dogs

For small & medium dogs

Can hold up to 130lbs in total. Recommended for small and medium size dogs weighing up to 40lbs.

Sturdy & durable

Aluminum frame and legs ensure stability during bath. The marine grade PVC makes it resist to wear and tear from paws and claws and its base is supported by clad boarding for rigidity.

Save money & conserve water

Saves money compared to sending your dog to the groomer. Conserves 5x water compared to bathing your dog in a conventional tub!

Easy cleanup without the mess

Features built-in drain system with a strainer in the middle of the dog bathtub to collect their fur and a 30” directional hose to drain the water to any receptacles.

Your health is always on our mind

Easy on back and knees

Elevated bath tub for dogs makes bathing and grooming easy on your back and knees by putting your dog at the perfect height and giving you 360-degree access. Two side pockets store shampoo and other bathing or grooming essentials within easy reach.


“We all know how difficult bathing our pets can be, especially if bath time is met with anxiety from our pets and our own aches and pains due to hunching over the bathtub,” said Furesh vice president of marketing, Kenny Li. Furesh takes the mess and stress out of at-home grooming, while also eliminating the need for costly trips to the groomer.”

we have a solution!

Can't fit in your bathtubs?

For added stability, we have wide legs (21.6 '' wide), they may not fit in your home bathtub. But we have a really flexible drain tube, you can put the Furesh bathtub next to your bathtub or sink, drain the water to the toilet, it is better if you have a shower head.

Enjoy Furesh elevated portable bathtub for pets.
Find us if you have any problems!

Their Cute Story

A Little Bit About Furesh

Based in Los Angeles, Furesh is a small team of passionate pet owners who wholeheartedly believe that time spent bathing and grooming our pets strengthens the bond between us in a way few other activities do.

We know all too well the challenges that come with trying to bathe our furry friends at home, which is why we set out to create a portable bathing and grooming solution that works for every living situation.

Frequently asked questions

What's the maximum weight of pet to use the bathtub?

This tub can easily bathe and groom pets up to 40 lbs. Furesh bathtub is designed to support up to 130 lb of weight, so it's always safe and sturdy.

How do you get water?

We sell a shower head that can work with common bathroom sink faucets*. You can also set it in your walk-in shower and use your everyday shower head. *They connects to SINK FAUCETS with removable aerators, NOT bathtub spouts, jacuzzi tubs or showerheads. Faucet diverter 15/16-27 female, male threaded adapter 15/16-27 male (bottom) & 55/64-27 male (top) - Use as dog/toilet/tub sprayer, also connect to utility/laundry tub to wash hair & body

How do you drain the water?

There’s a built-in drain system in place. Use the stopper to either keep the water for a bath or let the water running through an extendable drain hose to any outlets (i.e., your shower, tub or toilet) for a shower.

Will the fur get stuck around the draining hole?

No, there’s a honey cone in place to collect any fur.

Will the scratch from my pet damage the bathtub?

No, the tub is made of military grade PVC so it’s super resistant to any scratches from their paws.

Is the bathtub stable throughout the bath?

Yes, the frame and legs of the tub are made of aluminum which makes it sturdy yet lightweight to maneuver. The bottom of the tub remains flat during the bath so the water doesn’t get puddled around their feet and it’s safe and comfortable for your pets.

Will my pet jump out of the bathtub?

No, there’s a three-point harness in the tub to secure your pet in the tub during the bath.

Can I return the tub if my pet doesn’t like it?

Yes. We offer a 60-day money back guarantee that accepts returns within 60 days from the date of purchase. We will be responsible for the shipping for return as well.

What’s the warranty period?

We offer a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. If you register your product, you could get an extra 6 months warranty period.

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