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10 Must-Have Dog Products for the UAE Summer Season

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May 9, 2023
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Discover the 10 must-have dog products to keep your canine friend cool, comfortable, and safe during the scorching UAE summer season. Equip yourself with these essentials to ensure a happy and healthy summer for your pet.

The UAE's summer season can be tough on our furry friends, with scorching heat and intense sun exposure. Not all pets can adjust to the weather as humans do, and the care that we give them when the temperatures change may affect their health. To ensure your beloved canine companion stays cool, comfortable, and safe during the hottest months of the year, it's essential for pet owners to invest in the right dog products. Whether it's super hot or a little bit toasty, try these tips all year round for a happy and healthy dog. Here's our list of the top 10 must-have items for dog owners in the UAE to protect their dogs from the summer heat.

1. Cooling Mat  

A cooling mat is a specially designed mat that is filled with cooling gel or water. The primary purpose of these mats is to absorb and dissipate your dog's body heat, providing them with a refreshing and cool surface to lie on. When your dog lies on the mat, the cooling properties of the gel or water help to reduce their body temperature, preventing overheating and providing relief from the intense heat.

One of the advantages of a cooling mat is its portability. You can easily carry it with you wherever you go, whether you're staying indoors or venturing out for a walk or picnic.

Indoors, you can place the cooling mat in areas where your dog usually rests, such as their bed, crate, or a favorite spot in the house. The mat will help create a comfortable and cool environment, allowing your dog to relax and escape the heat.

For outdoor use, it's best to position the cooling mat in shaded areas where your dog can seek shelter from direct sunlight. 


2. Reflective Sunshade  

A reflective sunshade is a specialized accessory designed to protect your dog from the harmful effects of UV rays emitted by the sun. Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from sunburn and heat-related illnesses, especially on hot and sunny days. By using a reflective sunshade, you can create a shaded area for your dog, reducing their exposure to direct sunlight and minimizing the risk of overheating.

To use a reflective sunshade, you can attach it to your pet's outdoor play area, such as a dog kennel, crate, or a designated spot in your yard. The sunshade is typically designed to be easily installed and secured in place, providing a comfortable shaded area for your dog to rest and play. 

When choosing a reflective sunshade, it's important to look for a few key features. Firstly, opt for a durable material that can withstand outdoor conditions and potential wear and tear. The sunshade should be able to resist wind, rain, and other environmental factors. Look for a waterproof material that won't get damaged or accumulate mold when exposed to moisture.

Additionally, choose a sunshade made of a reflective material that can effectively block and reflect UV rays. This will help keep your dog cool and protect them from sunburn. The reflective surface can redirect the sun's rays away from the shaded area, maintaining a cooler temperature.

3. Portable Water Dispenser  

Hydration is crucial for dogs during their walks in the hot summer months. A portable water dispenser allows you to provide fresh and cool water to your pet wherever you go. Choose a lightweight, leak-proof design with a built-in bowl for hassle-free hydration on the go. On a daily average, depending on its weight, a healthy dog needs to drink about 15 to 30 mL of water per 450 grams. 

4. Dog Sunscreen  

Yes, dogs need sunscreen too! Splashing through the garden for 10 minutes is decent dog exercise that could expose your dog to harmful UV rays. Canine sunscreen is specially formulated to protect your pet's sensitive skin from sunburn and reduce the risk of skin cancer, making it a vital product in your dog's routine. Get some canine sunscreen and keep their nose, ears, and skin shielded during outdoor adventures.

5. Doggy Life Vest  

A doggy life vest is a crucial piece of equipment to ensure the safety of your dog during water activities, such as swimming, boating, or playing at the beach or pool. Just like humans, dogs can face risks in the water, including fatigue, strong currents, or unexpected accidents. A life vest provides buoyancy and support for your dog, helping them stay afloat and reducing the risk of drowning.

When selecting a doggy life vest, there are several important factors to consider. Adjustable straps are essential, as they allow you to customize the fit of the vest to your dog's size and shape. A secure and snug fit is important to ensure that the vest stays in place even if your dog is moving around in the water.

Opt for a life vest that comes in bright colors, such as neon orange, yellow, or red. These colors enhance visibility, making it easier for you or others to spot your dog in the water. This is particularly important in busy or crowded areas, as it helps prevent accidents and ensures that your dog can be easily located if they stray too far or encounter any difficulties. 

In addition to the aforementioned features, it's important to ensure that the life vest is made of durable and buoyant materials. Look for a vest that is designed to keep your dog's head above water and has a sturdy handle on the back.

6. Cooling Vest  

A cooling vest is designed to keep your dog comfortable in hot temperatures. Made from lightweight, breathable materials, these vests work by evaporating water, lowering your pet's body temperature. Simply soak the vest in water, wring it out, and put it on your dog to enjoy the cooling effect. It's only recommended for 10 minutes in extreme heat. The dog's high body temperature will quickly absorb the cold vest, so if you forget it for any longer than 10 minutes, it will have a negative effect. If you can keep topping it up with cool water, this will keep its cooling effect going.

7. Summer Dog Boots  

Hot pavement? No problem! Keep your puppy's paws protected with summer dog boots. Walk together without the worry of uncomfortable surfaces. Hot pavement can be painful for your furry friend's paws. During the high summer and extreme heat in the Middle East, walking your dogs will make it uneasy and uncomfortable for them. Summer dog boots provide protection from scorching surfaces while also offering grip and stability. Even though your dog's skin on its paws is tougher and thicker, walking your dog on hot pavement can result in burns on their pads or paws. Look for breathable, lightweight materials that won't hinder your pet's movement. This should prevent the ground from being too hot for their paw pads.


8. Doggles (Dog Sunglasses)  

Looking cool has never felt so good! Protect your dog's eyes from harmful UV rays and dust with a pair of stylish doggie goggles. These specially designed sunglasses provide 100% UV protection and come with adjustable straps for a secure fit. Plus points: your dog will be looking extra cute!

9. Insect Repellent Spray for Dogs  

Say goodbye to pesky pests! Fleas, ticks, and other pests can be a nuisance for your dog during the summer. Invest in a pet-friendly insect repellent spray to keep these pesky bugs at bay. Choose a natural, non-toxic formula to avoid any adverse reactions.

10. Grooming Tools  

Regular grooming is essential to keeping your dog comfortable and healthy during the summer. It is advisable to use a deshedding brush for dogs, it removes loose hair and combats dog shedding, which can help regulate body temperature. A slicker brush is also useful for removing tangles and promoting healthy skin and coat. It's time to groom, shine, and let your pup's inner beauty shine through! Before deciding on a dramatic haircut for your pet, it is advisable to discuss grooming with your vet. Fur protects animals not only from the cold but also from other elements, including sun exposure. Grooming fur too excessively could do more harm than good, exposing your pet to a greater risk of sunburn or skin disorders.



The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat!

The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat

This marvel of modern pet care is designed to provide unparalleled relief for your beloved canine companion, ensuring they stay cool, calm, and collected when the heat becomes unbearable. Prepare to witness your pup bask in ultimate comfort as they indulge in the refreshing bliss that this innovative cooling pad offers.

Crafted with a blend of sophistication and functionality, this large-sized cooling mat is specifically tailored for dogs weighing between 40 and 80 pounds. Whether you have a regal Labrador Retriever or a playful Golden Retriever, this cooling mat is the perfect size to accommodate their needs. It's a paw-some accessory that your four-legged friend will cherish!

Unlike other cooling options that rely on water or electricity, this cooling mat operates on pure ingenuity. It's pressure-activated, meaning that as soon as your furry friend steps onto it, the cooling magic begins! The secret lies within the non-toxic gel layer infused into the mat, which absorbs your dog's body heat and dissipates it into thin air. It's like a miraculous act of nature, providing instant relief without any extra effort from you or your pet.

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2. The AsterOutdoor Sun Shade Sail Rectangle

The AsterOutdoor Sun Shade Sail Rectangle

This sun shade sail rectangle is the epitome of elegance and practicality, designed to transform your patio, backyard, lawn, or garden into an oasis of cool tranquility. 

Crafted with utmost precision and quality, this 10' x 13' UV block canopy is the ultimate companion for those seeking respite from the relentless sun. Its sleek and stylish design not only adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space but also delivers a myriad of benefits that will leave you and your loved ones in awe.

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3. Lixit Top Fill NO-Drip Water Bottles for Dogs

Lixit Top Fill NO-Drip Water Bottles for Dogs

Quench your furry friend's thirst with a touch of brilliance and a splash of innovation. This ingenious pet accessory is not just any ordinary water bottle; it's a marvel of design that brings convenience, cleanliness, and hydration to a whole new level.

Imagine a world where spills, leaks, and messy water bowls become a distant memory. With its revolutionary top-fill design, this water bottle takes the hassle out of refilling your pet's water supply. No more wrestling with awkward angles or removing the entire bottle from its holder. Simply unscrew the cap, fill it up, and voila! Your furry friend's thirst will be quenched in no time, with zero fuss and maximum efficiency.

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4. My Dog Nose It Moisturizing Sun Protection Balm for Dogs Noses!

My Dog Nose It Moisturizing Sun Protection Balm for Dogs Noses

Enter the world of sun protection like never before, where a little balm goes a long way in keeping your furry friend safe and stylish. This delightful pet accessory is not your ordinary nose balm—it's a powerful shield against harmful UVA and UVB rays, wrapped in a moisturizing embrace.

Picture this: a sunny day at the park, a playful pup exploring the great outdoors, and their precious snout, glistening with the sun's warm touch. But wait, hold your paws! Just as we humans need protection from the sun, our furry companions also deserve the same care. That's where the My Dog Nose It Sun Protection Balm comes to the rescue.

Crafted with love and expertise, this .5-ounce balm is specifically designed to shield your dog's delicate nose from the harsh effects of the sun. It's a compact powerhouse that delivers a range of benefits, ensuring your canine companion stays comfortable, protected, and oh-so-fashionable.

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5. The Outward Hound Granby Splash Orange Dog Life Jacket

The Outward Hound Granby Splash Orange Dog Life Jacket

is meticulously crafted to provide maximum buoyancy and support. Its strategically placed flotation panels keep your pup's head above water, ensuring they stay safe and comfortable during their aquatic escapades. With this life jacket as their trusty sidekick, you can have peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is protected, even in choppier waters.

But it's not just about safety—it's about style too! This life jacket's vibrant orange hue and sleek design make it a fashion statement on its own. Your pup will undoubtedly be the center of attention, turning heads and earning compliments wherever they go. It's a head-turning ensemble that celebrates your pup's individuality and zest for life.

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6. The Canada Pooch Dog Cooling Vest

The Canada Pooch Dog Cooling Vest

Step into a world where scorching summer days no longer hold your furry friend back, where heat waves are conquered with style and grace. The ultimate summer accessory that keeps your pup cool, comfortable, and oh-so-fashionable. This isn't just any ordinary vest—it's a revolutionary solution that embraces the power of evaporative cooling, ensuring your canine companion stays chill even when the sun is blazing.

Picture this: a sunny day at the park, a vibrant blue vest hugging your pup's body, and a gentle breeze flowing through the breathable mesh material. With the Canada Pooch Dog Cooling Vest, your furry friend can beat the heat in style, all while enjoying their favorite outdoor activities.

Crafted with meticulous care, this cooling vest is designed to combat the sweltering heat and keep your pup's body temperature in check. It harnesses the power of evaporative cooling, a natural and effective way to dissipate heat and provide relief from the scorching sun. The vest's innovative design allows water to evaporate slowly from its surface, creating a cooling effect that helps regulate your pup's body temperature. It's like a personal air conditioner for your four-legged companion!

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7. The Lymenden Breathable Dog Boots

The Lymenden Breathable Dog Boots

a protective footwear solution that keeps your pup's paws safe, comfortable, and oh-so-stylish. These aren't just any ordinary dog boots—they're a game-changer that elevates your pup's summer escapades to new heights.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, these dog boots are designed to withstand the summer elements and keep your puppy's paws comfortable in any terrain. Their breathable and lightweight construction ensures proper ventilation, allowing air to circulate and prevent your puppy's paws from overheating. Say goodbye to hot, sweaty paws and hello to cool and comfortable adventures.

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8. QUMY Dog Goggles EyeWear Protection Waterproof Pet Sunglasses for Dogs About Over 15 lbs (White)

QUMY Dog Goggles EyeWear Protection Waterproof Pet Sunglasses for Dogs About Over 15 lbs (White)

a stylish accessory that not only adds flair to your pup's ensemble but also protects their precious eyes from harmful UV rays. These aren't just any ordinary sunglasses—they're a statement piece that combines fashion, comfort, and protection in one sleek package.

Not only do these sunglasses offer protection and comfort, but they are also designed to be windproof. The durable and shatterproof lenses safeguard your pup's eyes from debris, dust, and wind gusts. Whether you're cruising in a convertible or going for a motorcycle ride, these sunglasses will keep your pup's eyes shielded, allowing them to enjoy the breeze without any irritation.

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10. The FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool and the Hartz Groomer's Best Deshedding Slicker Dog Brush

The FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool and the Hartz Groomer's Best Deshedding Slicker Dog Brush

Experience the ultimate grooming duo with the FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool and the Hartz Groomer's Best Deshedding Slicker Dog Brush. The FURminator effortlessly removes loose hair and combats excessive shedding, while the Hartz Slicker Brush tackles tangles and mats with its fine bristles. Together, these tools transform your pet's coat, leaving it sleek, smooth, and free from pesky knots. Say goodbye to shedding and hello to a well-groomed, tangle-free companion. Elevate your grooming routine with the power of these two remarkable tools and enjoy a happier, healthier, and more beautiful pet.

* de-shedding tool: Shop on Amazon

*slicker brush: Shop on Amazon

The FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool

Equipping yourself with these 10 must-have dog products will make the UAE's summer season much more enjoyable for your canine companion. The summer heat doesn't have to prevent you from having fun outdoors with your furry companions. Prioritize your pet's comfort and safety, and you'll both have a fantastic time soaking up the sun and creating cherished memories together.


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