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5 Small Dog Breeds that Don’t Shed & Why You Should Keep Them

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February 17, 2021

Key Takeaways

To keep or, not to keep?

Admit it. You’re wondering if keeping a canine companion means extra cleaning duty. If your pet would leave a trail of fur wherever they go. Due to this, you are still fiddling with the idea of getting a small apartment dog.

Luckily, the benefit of having a small dog is that they are low on maintenance and high on fun. There are small dog breeds that don’t shed much or leave you in a sneezing fit.

Don’t believe us?

Meet some furry non-shedding friends:

1. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is French for "curly lap dog”, which is unsurprising considering their cuddly over-the-top curly appearance. Their hypoallergenic coat rarely sheds and requires minimum grooming. They have dark alert eyes that are always up to mischief.

We don’t like to have favorites, but we have a soft spot for bichon fries. These sweet little ones have a way of winning you over with their curious and playful personality. They are full of energy and are always up for a game of catch.

Furry Facts

  • Height— 9.5-11.5 inches tall
  • Weight— 12-18 pounds
  • Colors: white and white apricot

2. Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers have a grandpa vibe around them because of their serious nature. They have dark, intelligent eyes that look like they hold a lot of wisdom. Yet, once befriend them, they transform into loyal canine companions.

This faithfulness and obedience is the reason why they are brilliant little guard dogs.

Plus, they shed less compared to many large dogs.

Furry Facts

  • Height— 12-14 inches
  • Weight— 11 to 20 pounds
  • Colors: salt and pepper or completely black/white  

3. Poodles

The most elegant and stylish of them all, miniature and toy poodles, are ideal hypoallergenic apartment dogs. They are bright and intelligent beings with an athletic built. Another great thing about them is that their curly coats come in different colors. That way, you are not limited to one variety or size.

That said, these pooches need frequent grooming and bathing. We recommend that you consider these costs before bringing one home.  

Furry Facts

  • Height— 10-15 inches (miniature) and max 10 inches (toy)
  • Weight— 11-15 pounds and approx. 6 pounds (toy)

Colors: white, apricot, brown, black, etc.  

4. Yorkshire Terrier  

Yorkshire terrier is another breed of small dogs that don’t shed. These courageous creatures are feisty and fun. They enjoy the attention and would eagerly participate during playtime.  

Also, they have smooth, silky coats that replicate our long hair. That allows you to style their pretty coats with bows and other adorable accessories.

Furry Facts

  • Height— 7-8 inches (miniature) and max 10 inches (toy)
  • Weight— 7 pounds
  • Colors: black and tan, blue and tan, brown and tan    

5.  Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu aka imperial lap dogs were once prized possessions amongst ancient Chinese royalty. They make the ideal hypoallergenic apartment dogs for their modern owners.

That is because their affectionate and lovable personality makes them great companions for singletons. They are equally active and responsive with a sweet temperament that is suitable for all ages.

Furry Facts

  • Height— 9-11 inches
  • Weight— 9-16 pounds
  • Colors: black, gold, silver, blue, etc.    

In a Nutshell

Any one of these small dogs that don’t shed can become a great pet. They have all got strong personalities and friendly attitudes. Their hypoallergenic coats add to the benefits of having them around.

Plus, with healthy grooming practices, you won’t have to worry about spending half your time cleaning after them. (Phew!)

So what are you waiting for? Shake away your fur-related fears and bring a new friend home.  

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