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7 Best Dog Agility Training Equipment For Small Dogs

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February 4, 2023

Key Takeaways

The best way to start with is to get the best agility training equipment for small dogs.

Then, assemble a small track in your backyard or build an indoor dog obstacle course in your home. Many studies have shown that training your dog with agility kits has many positive effects, even if you aren't competing. 

Your pup can benefit its body and mind from this workout. It can improve your pup's cognition and instincts, even for small breeds. So, we have reviewed the best agility training equipment for small dogs. 

Here are some of our top agility dog training equipment that you should provide for small breeds.

  • Lord Anson™ Agility Hurdle Cone Set - Best for honing obedience ad rehabilitation as well.
  • MiMu Agility Training Poles - Best for developing the agility, strength, and speed of your pup.
  • ActiveDogs.com Schutzhund Hurdle Jump - Best for training your pup to do the Schutzhund hurdle jump. 
  • Blue Competition Adjustable Jump - Best for preparing for dog show competitions.
  • Mini Travel Teeter - Best for fun agility training for dogs.
  • Agility Hoop Dog Play & Exercise Toy - Best for indoor agility dog training.
  • Better Sporting Dogs Broad Jump - Best for outdoor agility dog training.

1. Lord Anson™ Agility Hurdle Cone Set

This cone set is not only for agility training but suitable for obedience and rehabilitation as well. It helps you bring the best experience for yourself and your furry companion. 

The rods are from thick gauge high-quality plastic that keeps it straight even for extensive training and prolonged use. Several experienced dog trainers have tried the Lord Anson™ Agility Hurdle Cone Set. Fortunately, it can deliver stability, convenience in transport, ease in setting up, and high quality.

Some may think that hurdles cones are only for large breeds. But the extra-long agility rods of this cones set provide versatile training options for all small pups.

2. Lord Anson™ Dog Agility Weave Poles - Competition Grade Adjustable Agility Weave Pole Set - Dog Agility Equipment Set - 6 Weave Pole Set w/Carrying Case

Training your dog is a breeze with the Lord Anson Agility Weave Poles. These sturdy poles can be arranged in a variety of layouts to challenge your pooch, and the blue metal base is easy to adjust. When you're done training, conveniently store the poles in the included carrying case.

3. ActiveDogs.com Schutzhund Hurdle Jump


INCLUDES: (1) deluxe dog jump; 1 meter high by 1.5 meter wide

Schutzhund is a dog sport that tests a canine's tracking, obedience, and protection skills. It evaluates the appropriate traits of a good working dog as well. In professional dog competitions, trainers call it the IGP, and previously as IPO.

But even if you're not going to join a competition, this Schutzhund Hurdle Jump equipment offers excellent training. It meets the Schutzhund regulation size of 1-meter height & 1.5-meter width.

It comes from an aluminum frame to provide a sturdy and durable foundation. So, you can safely use it outdoors. Plus, the ActiveDogs.com Schutzhund Hurdle Jump uses the highest quality marine grade material to avoid fading, rusts and rotting.

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4. Blue Competition Adjustable Jump

This beautiful blue competition adjustable jump is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Even with exposure to various elements, you can rely on the weatherproof and UV-resistant furniture-grade PVC pipe. The Jump Cup Strip comes with two height adjustments, each from 4 to 26 inches. So, you can easily switch the height through the engraved holes on the sidebars.  

The displaceable jump bars provide extra safety features as well. Once your dog touches this part, it will fall off to prevent any injuries. The blue competition adjustable jump meets the AKC and USDAA Standards, which prepares your pup even in various dog show competitions. 

5. Tough Puppy Training Teeter

Agility training has been this fun with the Tough Puppy Training Teeter - it is like a seesaw, but only for dogs. The  Tough Puppy Training Teeter does agility training for a small dog like playtime,  you can still use it if your goal is to provide exercise for your fido. The sturdy boards are weather-resistant and maintenance-free, which makes them perfect when training in dog parks.

You may not set it up in your apartment, but you can quickly break it down into three pieces with no tools. Then, fit it right into the back of your car. When the game is over, do the same and store it somewhere safe in your home.

6. Agility Hoop Dog Play & Exercise Toy

This agility hoop is perfect for any small dog breeds. You can do indoor agility training even at the convenience of your home. This agility training equipment offers soft foam construction to provide security. It also prevents accidents when your fido touches the hoop. 

When you want to bring it outdoors, you can disassemble it and put it at the back of your car. Assembling is even more accessible, and it requires no special tools. Overall, this agility hoop provides secure and convenient agility training for small dogs. 

7. DEStar Dog Agility Equipment Pet Obstacle Training Course Kit with Tunnel Adjustable Hurdles Poles Carry Bag

The DEStar dog agility obstacle training course kit is perfect for practicing or learning agility with your dog. This obstacle training course kit not only trains your dog's agility. But it is an excellent bond with your fido as well. Before you know it, you already have a more intelligent and more athletic dog with a stronger connection.

Benefits Of Dog Agility Training

Dog agility is a common canine sport in which a trainer guides a dog through a series of obstacles such as a tunnel, teeter-totter, tire hop, weave poles, pause table, and standard jumps. But aside from winning competitions, agility training for dogs also benefits the mind and body of our furry companions. 

Agility Training For Dogs Fulfill Natural Instincts

Dogs are natural hunters in the wild, pursuing and running after a variety of prey. Dogs often chase rabbits through a forest and negotiate a range of obstacles in their search for food. Jumping over fallen logs, ascending cliffs, and squeezing through bushes and vegetation are all normal instincts for them.

Since the ultimate aim is to catch up with prey, speed is crucial, and the faster a dog runs, the better its chances of catching a satisfying meal. Agility courses help simulate these realistic scenarios and satisfy your dog's hunting and chasing instincts.

Agility Training For Dogs Is An Excellent Exercise

Agility is a fantastic way for your dog to burn off excess energy. It challenges a dog's mind and body as it runs through a course that includes going over and through a series of obstacles. Agility can help to strengthen your dog's muscles, develop balance, and increase stamina.

Agility Training For Dogs Is Good For You, Too

You'll be running alongside your puppy, supporting him in soaring over jumps, winding between posts, and climbing out of collapsed tunnels as the handler. You and your dog will be given a heart-healthy cardiovascular exercise when competing to complete the course as quickly as possible.

Agility Training For Dogs Strengthens Connection

Agility courses are designed so that dogs cannot complete them without the help of the handler. Since the dog must rely on the handler's verbal and hand directions to navigate the course, the confidence between the owner and the dog will grow. Assisting your dog through agility obstacles can help to reinforce basic obedience commands. So, it improves dog/owner communication and affects your dog's actions outside of the agility course.

Final Words

Agility dog training is essential for any breed, but especially for small breeds. Those are toy togs that are usually hard-headed but are bright. All it takes is proper training. Whether you plan to join dog show competitions or not, invest in high-quality agility equipment.

Your furry pal deserves the best exercise it can have. So, test the best agility training equipment for small dogs on our list. Improve your fido's mental and physical health while strengthening your connection with them.

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