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Becoming A Dog Parent Soon? Here’s How You Should Prepare For A New Puppy!

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March 8, 2021

Key Takeaways

Welcoming a new pup in your home is an exciting time. These little bundles of joy will bring light and life into your household so that means - you should start preparing your home with everything you need for a puppy!

Gear up in one go with DoggieLawn’s Puppy Starter Set. It includes the practical things you need to buy for a new puppy and more! Each set has their best-selling treats, eco-friendly poop bags, Rocco and Roxie’s enzymatic odor eliminator, and every puppy’s favorite cuddle buddy, Peanut the Elephant.

What makes this set perfect is that it will cover for your new puppy’s potty training journey with the added boost using DoggieLawn’s best-selling treats to improve success! 

Help ensure that your new addition adjusts paw-somely into your home and invest in the best-selling DoggieLawn Puppy Starter Set. Grab one today at a discounted price! Limited time only.

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