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Best Dog Cameras And Monitors (BONUS! Pet Camera Buying Guide)

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September 17, 2023

Key Takeaways

Are you leaving your pet at home to go to the office or do other errands? 

Keep tabs on your furry companions 24/7 with the best dog cameras and monitors. Stop feeling worried about what your fur babies are up to and their safety. We've compiled a list of the best pet cameras for tracking and communicating with your pets remotely.

Best Dog Cameras And Monitors

  1. Play 2 WiFi Pet Camera - Overall Best Dog Cameras And Monitors
  2. Yi Smart Dome Security Camera X - Best Dog Cameras And Monitors For Value
  3. WoPet Smart Pet Camera - Best Dog Cameras And Monitors With A Treat Dispenser
  4. Skymee Owl Robot: Best Dog Cameras And Monitors For Fun

You don't have to speculate about your dog's habits when you aren't at home, thanks to the wonders of technology. Unique features like microphones, lasers, and treat dispensers on the best dog cameras and monitors will offer you a boost of puppy love during the day and keep them engaged. So, here are our top picks for the best dog cameras and monitors.

1.Play 2 WiFi Pet Camera - Overall Best Dog Cameras And Monitors

This WiFi-enabled camera has a sleek cube design and features 1080p HD footage, a 160-degree wide-angle view, and night vision. With 4x optical zoom, you can get up close to your pets. Plus, you can chat to them from anywhere in your home with easy two-way audio. So, you can receive real-time updates for sound and motion warnings. 

The PetCube Play 2 has a laser pointer and built-in Alexa assistant to play music, listen to the news, power your smart home gadgets, and even order your pet's favorite treats. Isn't all these features cool and convenient? 

2.Yi Smart Dome Security Camera X - Best Dog Cameras And Monitors For Value

The Yi Smart Dog Security Camera With 340-degree coverage and 1080p HD recording, this advanced camera is one of the most affordable on the market. But it comes with many features, including two-way audio, real-time sound, and motion warning. You can also rely on its video storage and auto-masking mode, wherein the lens goes under the cover for added protection.

You'll get amazed with the image quality, night vision, and sophisticated algorithms that work to distinguish between humans and pets. For simple voice control, enjoy seamless integration with your Google or Alexa assistant. The Smart Dome Security Camera X has a 24/7 emergency response service that you can link to dispatch police, fire, or EMS with a single contact.

3.WoPet Smart Pet Camera - Best Dog Cameras And Monitors With A Treat Dispenser

With this interactive 1080p HD video camera, you can see, play, chat, and toss treats to your pets. Fill it with your furry pal's favorite treats and play catch with it. You can use live streaming footage to keep an eye on your pet from a wide-angle that works well even in low light. 

The built-in mic and speaker of this intelligent camera enable two-way audio conversations. So you can listen, communicate, and reward your dog with a treat from wherever you are. You can also use Alexa to make her throw out a treat when you say, "Alexa, toss out a treat." Isn't all these features amazing? These are impressive features for a pet camera. 

4. Skymee Owl Robot: Best Dog Cameras And Monitors For Fun

The Skymee Owl Robot is a mix of a robot, treat dispenser, and HD camera. It comes with a companion app that lets you speak to your pets and monitor the camera, much like the other pet cams we've chosen. The difference is that Owl Robot can run around your house and play with your fido. With two rugged plastic wheels on each side, this cylindrical robot has increased speed. 

You can make the robot wiggle, spin, and flip to attract your pet's attention using an app. It's a pet camera that you and your furry pal can enjoy. Your dog will play with it anywhere in the building, and every time it obeys your command, you can toss some dog treats using the camera as a reward. 

Things To Look For The Best Dog Cameras And Monitors

With many pet cameras in the market today, how can you pick the right one? For us, the best dog cameras and monitors have two-way communication, high video quality, can connect to WiFi, sends notification alerts, and a treat dispenser. More importantly, the price should be within your set budget. Buy the best dog camera with essential features without breaking your bank.

Two-Way Communication

This feature allows pet owners to communicate with their furry pals through two-way audio and two-way live-streaming video. It helps you to communicate with your pets from anywhere so that they can understand, connect, or relax when they hear your voice.

High Video Quality

Cameras with a horizontal resolution of at least 720p will allow you to see what's going on in the room while you're away. Choose a camera with a 1080p resolution for a better picture. A higher resolution will allow you to zoom in closer to see your pet's face up close and personal. 4k HD video has the highest resolution and clarity on the market for professional production quality.

WiFi Connection

Although it is a common feature of most cameras, having a WiFi connection allows you to monitor your pet anywhere using your smartphone or device. You also won't have to think about extra wires or camera location if you have a WiFi connection.

Notification Alerts

Several cameras have features that transmit motion and noise warnings directly to your smartphone when movement is detected nearby. It helps determine if your dog is barking excessively or whether anything is unusual. Some cameras can also record brief videos of your pet and send them to you as a visual aid.

Treat Dispenser

If you want to reward your pet for good behavior from afar or offer them more treats during the day, some pet cameras allow you to do so at any time and from any place. This function is also beneficial in terms of proper training.


With additional features, pet cameras can become very costly. But there are plenty of budget-friendly choices that you can enjoy. There are a variety of prices available, ranging from $35 to $300. Decide what you need and look for appropriate features. 

Pet Cameras vs. Home Security Cameras

Pet cameras and home security cameras have the same general purpose - to monitor or keep tabs on your home or those people or animals living in it. But pet cameras take things a little step further. It lets you see, hear, and talk to your fido. Like a robot, you can also play with your fido using pet cameras and toss treats even when you are not home.

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