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Brain Training for Dogs: How to Make It Work?

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February 1, 2023

Key Takeaways

Scruffy loves Brain Training for Dogs, but what if your dog is different?

After raving about the benefits of mentally-stimulating exercises, pet parents approached us to learn the best practices. Their main concern was watching their efforts fail. Also, some of them didn’t understand how force-free training worked.

Was there a secret way to control their dog’s disobedience? We reveal it all by teaching you how to train your dog without breaking their spirits.

Let’s begin.


Brain Training for Dogs at Scruffy The Dog

Quick Recap: What Is Brain Training for Dogs?

As explained in previous posts, Brain Training for Dogs helps unlock your pawed-pals intelligence naturally. You get a selection of modules and easy-to-follow guides (+ video tutorials) to make it work— by a qualified dog trainer, no less.

Benefits include:

· Comprehensive dog training guides

· Unlimited access to online video tutorials

· Interactive and engaging activities for your canine companions  

· Professional consultation

· Budget-friendly packages

& loads more (Read the full review here!)

That said, some dogs take time to adjust to their training schedule. Prepare to switch things up when that happens to prevent any puppy meltdowns.  We have a few tricks up our sleeves that overcome these challenges.

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The Game Plan: How to Train Your Dogs Better?

As your Brain Training for Dogs advocates, we rounded up everything we learned when Scruffy started the course. These tidbits might be the very thing that changes the game for your fur ball.    

Here are three golden rules:

Rule # 1: Don’t Send Off the Wrong Signals  

Dogs have a way of sensing how we feel. They observe our body language and voice. If you step into the playing field with a shaky voice and reluctant gait, your pet will overpower you. It will use its puppy dog eyes or stubbornness to cancel the session.

Alternatively, if you’re harsh, your dog can get scared.Instilling fear contradicts the whole idea of this TLC-focused course.  

We recommend maintaining a happy medium. Your best bet is to stay cool, calm, and collected throughout the training session. Don’t over play your authority by forcing the lessons, yet don’t underplay it to leave room for doggie domination.  

Pro-tip: Watch Brain Training for the Dog tutorials to mimic Adrienne’s style of coaching.

Rule #2: Follow Their Lead    

It might sound counterproductive, but you need to let your dog’s be the boss. Understand their cues to adapt the session according to their mood. Use their body language to predict potential problems and detect signs of exertion.

The smallest gesture could speak volumes if you look and listen. Tailoring the training session around their actions makes them feel comfortable and less agitated.

Brain Training for dogs @ scruffy the dog

Rule #3: Apply the 3 Ps

We learned that Scruffy had a mind of his own and would stop midway due to tiredness. That didn’t stop us from giving the exercises another go at a later date.

We reminded our selves that:

· Practice makes perfect

· Dogs respond to patience and love

· Positivity kills frustrating sessions  

In short, you can always reset and recover after a bad training session.  Give your dog space and affection to do the same. That way, the tasks won’t seem like punishments.

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Parting Words

In short, the key to successful dog training lies in giving this program and your pooch a chance. Use our advice to ensure that every thing goes smoothly. The rest depends on how well you understand and utilize the amazing resources provided in Brain Training for Dogs.  

Best of luck!

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