Feed Your Dog's Real Need With Homemade Dog Food
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Feeding your dog is not enough.

You need to make sure that each meal that you provide has the perfect combination of all nutrients that it needs. Your pup should get the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.

Feeding your dog incorrectly may have adverse effects on its overall health. It may compromise its coat, breath, daily energy, and even other organs in its body. Aside from the nutrients, also feed your dog on time as much as possible. Like humans, skipping meals is not suitable for our furry best friend.

Feed Your Dog's Real Need With Homemade Dog Food

Pets become a part of a family as soon as they ponder their love over the family members. Just like the dietary needs of everyone else, their food requirements also need equal consideration. With multiple pet food brands labeled balanced diets, people make it an alternative to rely on them.

Some veterinarians recommend these processed foods since dog food brands claim that the experts in veterinary nutrition develop them. Another doctrine talks over the idea of feeding pets with home-cooked food only.

Some commercial dog foods offer wholesome diets, but they are not nutritious and fresh. These foods contain preservatives and additives that make them harmful for consumption. Many pet owners have affirmed that their pets started losing appetite within a few days of consuming the ready-to-eat pet food. So, it can result catastrophically in weight loss and bowel malfunction.

However, when they shifted their pets to human ingredient food, they saw a positive transformation in their pets.

Cats Have More Feeding Needs

It is a proven fact that cats require more nutrition than dogs. Cats are entirely carnivorous as compared to dogs which are omnivorous. Cats ought to have meat because they are more vulnerable to nutritional deficiencies if they don't get balanced meals.

Both animals have different nutritional requirements, and that's why their food habits vary as well. Suppose you are entirely focused on providing nutrition to your pet. In that case, you can always take help from many cookbooks and recipes from the market or the internet. It is a trend these days that pet owners have fed their pets homemade food.

It has happened mainly because of many pets' health problems that emerged because of lethal commercial pet food intake. It won't be a meal if it is from the processed foods. If you want to fulfill your pets' real, nutritious needs, going the home-cooked pet food way is the only alternative to ensuring a healthy life.


We want our canine friends to access high-quality food that meets their nutritional needs as proud pet parents. However, deciding which form of food is better for your dog can be challenging. Several breeds require special diets. So, it's essential to know what is the best diet for your best furry friend.

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May 26, 2021

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