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Halloween Costumes for Dogs: Top Picks

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February 17, 2021

Key Takeaways

Do your recent Google searches revolve around Halloween costumes for dogs?

Whether you are planning a group costume with other pets, or your furry friend will fly solo, there are tons of ideas out there. We recently fell into that rabbit hole while hunting for a Scruffy-sized costume. We couldn’t help creating a list of top choices ourselves to earmark for the upcoming holiday. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have backups for emergency themed parties and random Sunday fun.

The best thing about these costumes is that you can recreate your version at home. All you need are a few spare clothes and beginner-level sewing skills. Sometimes even a neckerchief will do.

Here are the best Halloween costumes for dogs:

1.  A Magical Unicorn Costume

Every pet parent believes that their little buddy is one-of-a-kind. So why not dress your dog as a rare magical creature?

The unicorn trend makes dog-sized costumes accessible online.You can also make a DIY version with colored yarn, foam horn, and rainbow-colored tutu for a princess-style look. Then throw in sparkles and glitters to tie things together.

2.  YourPersonal Paw Patrol Costume  

“Mighty pups are ready to go, go, go!”

A Paw Patrol group costume is an ideal choice for anyone with more than one pet pal. Dress your pups as Chase, Skye, Rocky, and company.You can use it as a way to pay tribute to the essential workers in your neighborhood. Plus, every city needs an extra pair of paws to keep it safe during the holidays.

3. Yoda Cutest Pup Costume  

Baby Yoda might be taking the internet by the storm with its cuteness and memes. Yet, nobody can deny that your dog rules your house. Make this Halloween memorable by merging the cutest fictional friend with your loyal lapdog.

If you can’t find one online, make a DIY Halloween costume for dog with a pillowcase and Baby Yoda ears. Do make sure that the headgear is not too tight!

4.  A Marvel-lous HalloweenCostume for Dogs    

Are your sewing skills non-existent?

Don’t worry! Your dog can still stand out of the canine crowd with this superb idea. The simplest DIY Halloween costume for dogs requires nothing but a superhero-themed neckerchief. Just tie it around your pup’s neck, and you are good to go. With this simple addition, you can transform your dog into an Avenger or a super-pup to assist the Justice League.

It’s a Wrap!

In the end, these Halloween costumes for dogs are a perfect excuse to show off your pup. They are fun, trendy, and easy to recreate. They also provide you with cute photo-ops with your canine companion. Plus, if you’ve got kids at home, they would love, including the tiniest family member in the festive activities.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get crafty!



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