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Hazardous Foods For Small Dogs

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February 14, 2023

Key Takeaways

The truth is, there are a lot of hazardous foods for dogs.

Most of the time, these are human foods that taste so good that we want to share them with our furry pal. Raw eggs, chocolates, and onions are some of the hazardous food for dogs. These are the food that we often enjoy or ingredients that we add while cooking.

It is time to be aware of the hazardous foods for dogs. Not getting the correct information is not an excuse. Avoid accidents because of feeding the high-risk food that can cause health issues to our fidos.

Hazardous Foods For Dogs

Your dog doesn't have a master's degree from the country college so that it won't comprehend the difference between healthy and hazardous foods. There are so many food items that may put your dog at risk.

Most of the time, people unknowingly feed their dogs the wrong foods.

The information below will certainly help you out with keeping your loved furry companion away from such risks. These are some of those food items that need to be shunned from a dog's diet.

Hazardous Foods For Dogs #1 - Raw Eggs

Eggs are incredibly beneficial food for dogs. It has protein in the most concentrated form that makes it so highly valued for them. However, consuming them in uncooked form is unhealthy for your dog.

Raw egg whites bind to any biotin which a dog swallows and stops it from getting absorbed. You can feed cooked eggs to dogs but that too in average quantity.

Hazardous Foods For Dogs #2 - Onions

Onions contain an n-propyl disulfide substance that changes and ultimately destroys all the red blood cells present in a dog's body. It can cause hemolytic anemia and, worst, death in dogs.

Hazardous Foods For Dogs #3 - Chocolates

For small dogs, chocolates are a fatal food, while for larger ones. It is a severe threat to health that every pet owner should know. The reason is a chemical substance called theobromine that causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate.

Hazardous Foods For Dogs #4 - Cat Food

Dogs like cat food because of its high-fat content, but it is not suitable for them. It does not have the proper balance of nutrients to fulfill its diet. There's a reason manufacturers call it "cat" food and create other variants for dogs.

Hazardous Foods For Dogs #5 - Booda Velvets

These are the worst form of food for dogs. Though marketed as completely digestible, these foods are from plastic. It simply means it can cause indigestion, which may lead to digestive problems for dogs.

Hazardous Foods For Dogs #6 - Raw Salmon and Chili

This food can make your dog prone to bacterial infection, leading to severe inflammation of the bowels. In worst cases, it may cause death for your furry pal. Chili peppers are not poisonous to dogs, but they contain a compound called capsaicin.

This element can irritate their skin. If your dog consumes too many chili peppers, it may develop digestive problems. So, it is better not to give any form of chili to your dog.


Avoiding or completely keeping your dog away from these foods will help you maintain its health safely. Please beware of the hazardous foods for dogs and never give them to your fido. Otherwise, it may cause adverse effects to your furry pal, which may lead to death.

Know what to feed your dog.

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