How To Choose The Right Trainer For Your Dog
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Not every owner can hire “The Dog Whisperer” to train their dog. 

When a dog’s behavior is consistently bad, however, or if you are a first time dog owner, you may want to hire a trainer to teach your pet the basics. 

To this end, here are 10 tips for choosing the right dog trainer.

1. The trainer should use techniques that do not harm the dog in any way.

2. His methods should be above reproach and treat the dog fairly and firmly, but not in an unkind manner.

3. Does the trainer get to know the dog?  Another words, does he become familiar with his personality and needs before he commences training.

4. Does the trainer keep you informed as to how the dog is progressing?

5. Does the trainer require your presence during the actual training?

6. How much does the trainer charge?

7. Does the trainer give you a time-frame as to when you will see real results?

8. Does the trainer praise the dog?

9. Does the dog seem comfortable with the trainer?

10. Does the trainer provide you with information that you can utilize after he has completed the training process?

There is another factor that you should also consider.  Ensure that the trainer is certified and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.  You can access this online site for additional information at:

While these are just 10 tips to for choosing the right dog trainer, sometimes it could be the owner that cannot seem to get a handle on the dog’s behavior.  One of the things that most good trainers will tell you is that when new dogs first enter a home, they establish their territory.  They become the alpha male.  Thus, they want to rule the home leaving you at your wits end.  

The key to the successful training of any dog or any breed, is to become the alpha male.  Once the dog understands you are the ”pack leader,” he will conform to your commands no matter what they are.  Of course, this will take time, but it does work and it can be done calmly, caringly, and lovingly. 

Finally, there is one more consideration in choosing the right trainer.  You can join group training classes.  The same questions apply, but in this case you may want to ask if your dog could be given individual instruction in addition to group training.

Most owners find this an enjoyable experience and the dog does as well.  When a dog is trained with other dogs, he tends to be calmer since he is part of a pack which is natural for him.  The socialization of the dog is an important one and can prevent unpleasant encounters with other dogs in the future.  

Most experts advise that having a personal dog trainer and attending a group session can be the best of both worlds.  The personal training can help you cope with the dog, and the group training can help the dog learn how to live a more structured life.

Is Brain Training for Dogs worth it?

Yes, it is!

One shouldn’t judge a dog by its size or age. Each dog comes with a set of behavioral issues and limitations. These things make managing your canine companion troublesome when you bring them home. More so if you area first-time pet owner.

Luckily, BrainTraining for Dogs  can set you on the right track.  It teaches you how to use force-free dog training to get your small friend to behave.

Here is everything you need to know about it:

The Basics: What Is BrainTraining for Dogs?

After a decade of dog training, Adrienne Farricelli penned and recorded all the lessons she had learned. Her professional career as a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer taught her to change bad behaviors through mental stimulation and psychological training instead of punishment.

She incorporates this strategy to create Brain Training for Dogs. It is a simple and effective program for pet parents who dream of owning smart, well-behaved pets. All this is condensed into7 modules that take your dog on a transformative journey.

The result of this is an intelligent, obedient, potty-trained dog that is friendly too.

Brain Training for dogs at

Brain Training forDogs Review:  What to Expect?

Like every dog training module out there, this program comes with a set of pros and cons. What sets it apart from others is its focus on positive reinforcement. Unlike traditional techniques, you instill trust and love in your dog instead of fear.

Plus, the behavioral changes are more natural as you progress from the elementary level to advanced levels. We like this aspect because it does not feel forceful or intimidating. Once your dog gets used to these lessons, they start enjoying it.

Before you know it, dog training becomes a fun way to spend quality time with your pup.

Other benefits include:

·        Easy to follow instructions

·        Engaging video tutorials and vide cues

·        Interactive forum for queries and problems

You also get a money back guarantee which is a sweet deal for pet parents on a budget.  

Cautionary Tale

A quick comparative analysis with other pet parents shows that few people might find problems with the program. The first being that there is a great deal of reading involved. It isa hassle for busy dog owners.

Additionally, dogs respond to training sessions differently. It would help if you prepared yourself for a few hiccups along the way. The key is to stay patient and pay attention to your dog’s verbal and non-verbal cues. If your puppy is not feeling up to the task, take a break.  There is no point in overworking them when they feel agitated.


In our experience, treating brain training for dogs as an activity instead of a mandatory chore worked like a charm. We opted for videos and skim-reading to save time. There was also repetition and adaptation involved to make things work.


So don’t hesitate to put your spin on the program to overcome hurdles.


The Verdict:  Is Brain Training for Dogs WorthIt?

Overall, it is a comprehensive dog training program that replaces the traditional treat vs. punishment strategy with positive reinforcement. We also love how it addresses common behavioral issues in dogs with actionable solutions. Plus, with patience and effort, you get the hang of this program reasonably quickly.

You also get all this at a reasonable price. That means you don’t risk anything and have the potential to win everything by taking the plunge.

Therefore, we give Brain Training for Dogs a two thumbs up, and it’s a woof (yes) from Scruffy too!


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January 4, 2021

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