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How To Cope With the Death Of Your Dog?

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April 18, 2021

Key Takeaways

Losing our loyal companion is almost like losing a human close to us. So, how to cope up with the death of your dog?

According to studies, pet lovers also undergo the grieving process when losing their most loyal furry friend. The pain may cause levels of anxiety, denial, and loneliness. When separation happens, be kind with yourself and get all the time needed to mourn. 

Grieving when a dog dies is normal and as natural as crying over a human loved one. But no matter how much it hurts, we all have to accept and move forward with life. Read on for some tips for coping with the death of a dog.

How to Cope With the Death of a Dog?

When someone close to us dies, it is natural to feel sorrow, cry, and grieve. We all need the comfort and understanding that the world can give to us. But not all can provide that warmth when a pet dies. 

It's because not all people can understand how profound your love is towards your pup. Some pet lovers would even say, "it's just a dog." If you find yourself alone in grieving, here are some ways on how to cope with the death of your dog.

Express Your Feelings Creatively

People feel a lot better if they get to let all the emotions out of their system. It's like throwing heavy luggage that you've been holding for a long time. So, don't be afraid to express how you feel through creative arts. It can help in processing and verbalizing your grief.

Expressing your feelings creatively can be through different artistic activities. It could be drawing, painting, sculpting, or writing. Compose a poem or write a store that captures your emotions. If you need any help to express your feelings, consider using a driven pet remembrance journal.

Memorialize Your Pet's Remains

When your dog passes away, your veterinarian will discuss cremation with you and help you decide what type of aftercare is best for you. It is a personal decision whether you want your dog to get cremated and collect its ashes.

When you decide to cremate the remains of your pet, you can always keep its ashes in a beautiful wooden box with an engraved name. You can control it in a cabinet, and it helps to remember that you can always visit your four-legged family member.

Another possibility is to integrate your pet's ashes into memorial jewelry or artifacts. A beautiful glass sun catcher or a jewelry urn are both lovely ways to keep your dog's memory alive.

Bury Your Dog

Burial is a lovely way to remember your pet while still providing a peaceful place for your family to reflect. Pet cemeteries can be pleasant, quiet places, and you're likely to find one in your area. If local laws allow, you can choose to bury your dog at home. You can bury its ashes in a particular place where you can come to reflect on the times you spent together.

Keep Your Mind Busy Through Reading

If you can't find any artistic activities, you can always go back to the basics - reading. You can read other people's experiences about the loss of their dogs. It will help you understand the grieving that you are currently experiencing. Reading something that you can relate to help bring comfort and connection during a painful and challenging time. 

Don't Hesitate To Reach Out

If the feeling is too overwhelming, you can reach out to other people who have experience in losing their pets. Nowadays, there are pet loss hotlines, and other support groups are ready to listen to your story. 

When you feel the pain, don't retreat and try to ignore it. Sharing your emotions is not a sign of weakness, but courage. It means that you're ready to let it out and get heard because you want to move on with life. Remember that you are not alone. There are other people that you can talk to and help you make it through one of the most challenging times of your life.

A Dog Memorial Service

It may sound too much, but holding a memorial service is one way to honor your dog's life. It can be a simple family dinner where you can share special moments about the fido. A dog funeral or memorial service, like human funerals, is an opportunity to share memories of your deceased loved one and honor the life you shared.


Our furry pals are never "just" a dog. They are a part of our family and our lives. Some people may not comprehend this thought and emotion; remember to do the right thing when grieving. 

We all grieve differently, so allow yourself to heal and go through the process of acceptance. With our tips on how to cope with the death of your dogs, hopefully, you'll find the healing that you need. Communing can also be a helpful measure. It is a reminder of why we shared lives with dogs even we know that we would have to face a painful loss someday.

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