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Puppy Training That Prevents Behavioral Problems in the Future

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February 13, 2023

Key Takeaways

Here are the best tips to encourage healthy behaviors in your puppy and avoid any future behavioral problems.

Puppies are small and adorable. They are a big part of the family, and because they’re just like little children, it can be hard to lay down some rules to prevent behavioral problems. However, it’s incredibly important that proper puppy training begins at a young age, so they become well-mannered, more confident, and have a strong relationship with their human friends.

Communication should be clear with your little furry friends, and don’t think they won’t understand what you’re trying to teach them. Puppy training doesn’t mean you physically restrict them or punish them. No shouting or jerking on their leash is required either. Be calm and follow these tips to ensure a happy pet in the future.

Less Jumping Rewards

Many pet owners have a habit of rewarding their puppies for jumping. It’s cute, no doubt. We love to see our little ones jumping. But over time, as they grow up, it can become unpleasant. They might start jumping on guests or become too wary of anyone who enters the room or house.

To avoid this, don’t reward your puppies for jumping. Avoid giving them attention when they start jumping, and instead, when they approach you, make them sit in a calm manner and reward them for that instead. They will see that sitting gets them attention, not jumping, and they will always choose to sit and be well-mannered.

Don’t Encourage Barking

If your puppies bark at their reflection, bark at any visitors, if the doorbell rings, or if they see something outside the window, don’t start egging them for this. Be careful with this, as barking can become an aggressive hobby, and your dog might become a fearful dog if their barking habit becomes triggered.

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No Chasing the Laser Pointer

Many pet owners use laser pointers to engage in a cute, fun activity with their pets. While it may be fun to watch, chasing light pointers can cause your puppies to become compulsively obsessed with it and other OCD-like behaviors. As adult dogs, these behaviors might become hard to treat.

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No Mixed Signals

Don’t confuse your puppies with mixed signals. If you punish them for something sometimes and not other times, they will get confused, and this is unfair to them. If you let them on your furniture, stick with that and if you don’t, make sure they know they are not allowed on it.

Start Puppy Training Early

Starting puppy training early will help you avoid behavioral problems in the future. It will require consistency and patience but don’t give up. It’s easier to teach a pup manners than teach a heavy, adult dog.

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