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Review on DoggieLawn Toy Starter Sets

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May 4, 2021

Key Takeaways

Good news for people who have recently adopted a puppy or people whose dogs have puppies because DoggieLawn Puppy and Super Chewer Toy Starter Sets are now here. These sets have everything that your puppy needs to chew on.

Doggie Lawn Toy Starter Sets ($54.99)

If your puppy keeps on chewing almost everything that they see because they are teething or anxious, the Super Chewer Starter Set’s products are here to help you control their chewing habits that can be destructive. This set includes toys, a No-Chew spray, lick mat, and Bully Gnawer that will satisfy your puppy’s chewing habit. You can either select the “Large Dogs” set so you can get the 12” Bully Gnawer, while the “Small Dogs” set includes a 6” Bully Gnawer.

The Doggie Lawn Toy Starter Set Includes:

• Greenwell Pet Rope Toy

• Rocco & Roxie No Chew Extreme Bitter Spray

• Poochie Butter Dog Lick Mat

• Natural Dog Company Bully Gnawer (6” or 12”) Select the “Large Dogs” set to get the 12” Bully Gnawer, while the “Small Dogs” set includes a 6” Bully Gnawer.

• Teeth Cleaning Treat Ball

Puppy Starter Set ($39.99)

The Puppy Starter Set has everything that you need for your puppy. This set will help you prepare to be a good paw-rent with the best selling treats, Peanut the Elephant, a popular cuddle buddy, Rocco and Roxie’s enzymatic odor eliminator, and eco-friendly poop bags. One of the best things about this set is that it doesn’t only include the essentials for potty training, but it also comes with the best selling training treats to ensure that your puppy’s training will succeed.

The Puppy Starter Set Includes:

• Peanut the Elephant Plush

• Rocco and Roxie Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator

• Polkadog Chicken Littles Training Bits

If you are a first-time fur-rent, you will find the Puppy Starter Set helpful because it has all the basic things you need to train your dog, from durable toys to all-natural training treats. When it comes to the Super Chewer Starter Set, you can choose your puppy’s size to ensure that you get the proper treats and chew toys for your fur baby.

The pack is perfectly curated to entertain even the heaviest chewers while also helps in soothing your puppy’s gums when needed. Both of the packs mentioned above ship free when you purchase is with the DoggieLawn.

All About DoggieLawn

DoggieLawn will deliver natural grass for potty training straight to your door. They ship eco-friendly grass anything in the US. Zack and Natalie's founders and creators made sure to create an indoor bathroom solution for puppies and dogs. They also made sure only to use materials that are eco-friendly and convenient.

How DoggieLawn Works

• Sign Up

It will only take you a couple of minutes to sign up for the convenient and eco-friendly indoor grass pads. It is very convenient, and you can cancel anytime.

• Receive Your Grass

Once done, the potty grass pad will arrive and will immediately be ready for use. All you have to do is place the DoggieLawn outside or inside the location, you easily accessed by your dog.

• Frequency Of Delivery

The frequency of the DoggieLawn delivery will depend on the preference that you chose. Once the new one arrives, you can replace it and throw the old ones in the trash or a green compost bin. This is the most effortless clean-up that you can ever do.

Which Dogs Can Use DoggieLawn

• When traveling with dogs: hotels, airplanes, RVs, boats

• Owners who don’t have much time to go outside

• Owners who are too busy with their schedules

• Incontinent or arthritic dogs

• Puppies who went through their vaccination shots

• During extreme weather conditions: heat, hurricanes, snow, and rain

• Apartment/High-Rise buildings

• Older dogs or house training puppies

Available DoggieLawn Plans

• Standard DoggieLawn 24” x 16” - For dogs under 15 lbs

• Medium DoggieLawn 24” x 20” - For dogs 10-30 lbs

• Large DoggieLawn 24” x 24” - For dogs 20-50 lbs

• XL DoggieLawn 24” x 48” - For dogs over 40lbs and for multiple dogs

Benefits Of Using DoggieLawn

• Prevents Odor

Using a DoggieLawn will help prevent any smell from coming out of the grass since it can neutralize odors. The liquid is easily absorbed in the root bed, so you don’t have to worry about coming home to a smelly apartment.

• Lasts Longer

DoggieLawn can last for more than a month, so you don’t have to replace it now and then. One of the best things about this potty is that it requires no maintenance at all. Using grass will also help your puppy or your dog keep track of their training, especially that DoggieLawn is using natural grass for your dogs.

• Perfect For Both Young And Old Dogs

DoggieLawn is not only for training your dog to go potty effectively, but it will also be perfect for older dogs who are having a hard time walking outside to do potty. This will also help avoid any accidents in the house from both young and older dogs since they have the DoggieLawn when they feel like going potty.


Overall, DoggieLawn is highly beneficial not only to your dogs but to you as well since you don’t have to do any cleaning right after they go potty. The DoggieLawn can help you with that, and the next grass will arrive on your preferred selection.

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