The Shih Tzu Breed: A Widely Loved Buddy
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The Shih Tzu Breed: A Widely Loved Buddy

If you are thinking about buying a Shih Tzu pup - congratulations! This faithful and cute dog will more than likely end up being an essential and valued part of your household.

The Shih Tzu is a toy dog; defined by its proud, mini and sturdy stature - this dog breed is among the most popular of the miniature types. Did you understand it was originally reproduced to look like a lion?

The Shih Tzu's regal mindset is as an outcome of its prominent and long history. Current DNA testing has confirmed what researchers already thought - the Shih Tzu is one of the earliest types of dog. The name originates from that of Xi Shi who is considered one of the most beautiful females in ancient China.

The earliest history of the Shih Tzu goes back many centuries. The Buddhist monks bred what is now believed was a cross in between the Pekingese and a Tibetan dog type called Llasa Apso.

The Buddhist monks were known for breeding unique temple canines. These monks reproduced special "palace canines" for numerous emperors. As was their custom they sent out some of what they then called the Tibetan Shih Tzu Kou or Tibetan Lion Dogs to the Tzu Hsi - the Empress of the Manchu Dynasty. She fell for her little pet dogs and they became common around the palace from then on.

From the middle of the 19th Century the Shih Tzu was bred as a watchdog for the emperors of the Manchu Dynasty. The Shih Tzu was kept along some other toy dog types and while originally they were strictly reproduced in different quarters however it is believed that after the empress died they were crossbred with the other canines.

The Shih Tzu's were not kept separate from the other palace pet dogs and today's Shih Tzu's have traces of Pekingese and Pugs thanks to the sloppy breeding practices at the palace.

At this time it was rather of a competition in China in between various palaces to produce the best looking dogs with the most lovely colorings and coats. Reproducing practices became safeguarded tricks and sadly the records of the Shi Tzu's special and rich heritage will never ever be understood.

Today's Shih Tzu's are a popular type which is extensively enjoyed and make an excellent royal companion.

Shih Tzu: Finding the Perfect Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a dynamic, extremely adorable and proud dog as owners will testify. The Shih Tzu is one of the most popular dog breeds on earth for good factor. In 1994 the Shih Tzu was the 12th most popular dog breed, according to the American Kennel Club.

The Shih Tzu is the kind of dog that expects to be treated like a king, and desires you to know it. It is for this factor that frequently Shih Tzu's are not an excellent choice of dog if you have children or young children in the home.

Shih Tzu's make outstanding guard dogs. Their active and alert nature implies they are excellent good mannered companions. Badly bred Shih Tzu's can be snappy and loud.

If you want a Shih Tzu it's best to take a few safety measures to prevent half-bred or genetically defective Shih Tzu breeds. Rather invest some time making a great choice than need to regret it later. Unethical breeding practices prevail and you will require to be an informed purchaser if you are going to pick the best Shih Tzu for you.

Choosing an excellent breeder is very essential. You do not want to wind up buying a young puppy from among the notorious puppy mills. Cross reproduced ranges can produce all type of health and behavioral issues. , if you want to be certain that you are getting a genuine Shih Tzu it's smart to inspect the type standards prior to purchasing.

This implies mindful attention to the appearance and temperament of a Shih Tzu. Ask your breeder to show you the moms and dads of the dog before you devote to purchasing the puppy.

If you plan on showing your dog at competitions and shows then a lot more mindful reading of the breed standards are important. You will likewise want to pick a more confident puppy - look for the puppy in the litter that seems poised and friendly - and obviously great looking!

Some basic indicate try to find

Color, age and size are the most important and immediate things you can examine. The pups will tend to appear like their moms and dads however this is not deceive proof.

Shih Tzu's do not have gender associated character distinctions and both male and female are equally loving.

Teacup varieties are not formally acknowledged for good factor. Individuals who breed these minute pet dogs do refrain from doing so enhance the breed; ethical breeders breed for that reason. Teacups, the ones that will be under three pounds as adults, have many issues and normally do not live beyond the Shih Tzu's that weigh a bit more.

Taking care of your Shih Tzu

Typically the major grooming pertains to care of the coat. If you do not have time to groom your Shih Tzu at least every other day then you will require to think about another breed. Neglect of the Shih Tzu's coat will result in skin issues as well as a host of other terrible conditions, Painful matting, skin infections and even maggot invasions can take place if you leave the coat for too long.

The Shih Tzu is also susceptible to renal dysplasia (kidney disease) and slipped kneecaps. Because of the shape of the Shih Tzu's face the eyes are more prone to injury. The brief muzzle can suggest breathing problems.

Invest some time learning about the Shih Tzu type before you dedicate to a young puppy. They can make an extremely nice pet for your family. Well looked after Shih Tzu's can expect to live a healthy and long life, by your side.

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