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You don't need to go to an obedience class to start training Chihuahuas.

Chihuahuas are some of the simplest canines to train. Classes for big, out of control canines aren't appropriate for this breed. You don't need to force this dog and control to comply with. Training Chihuahuas must either be done on your own or in classes with other little pets.

Chihuahuas react best to mild training strategies.

Here are some things to keep in mind when training Chihuahuas.

1. You ought to direct, not force your dog. Chihuahuas wish to please their human companions. They will be quick to comply if you show them what pleases you. If you force them, a stubborn streak comes out.
2. Training Chihuahuas does not need punishment. Gentle correction is usually sufficient for getting the dog to do what you want.
3. When he or she pleases you, reward the dog. This will let him understand what he should do. Constantly accent the favorable when training Chihuahuas.
4. Chihuahuas react well to food based reinforcement. Don't begin a Chihuahua training session when the dog has simply consumed.
5. A Chihuahua training experience ought to be no more than 10 minutes at a time. You should likewise end the session and begin with something the dog already does well.
6. When you are already tired and upset, prevent training. Chihuahuas require your love and perseverance.

Potty training must be among the very first areas that you teach your dog. You must find a place for them to pee and poo and then regularly strengthen this habits. If your Chihuahua is going to be a home dog, this is especially important.

Chihuahuas are smart dogs. Even if you don't complete in official competitors with your dog, you can take pleasure in training Chihuahuas.

One method of training Chihuahuas is with a ticker. Over time, you only click when your dog has done something you desire it to do.

In training Chihuahuas you ought to constantly be gentle with them.

Do not try to use choke collars because their necks can get harmed easily. Rather, use the flat buckle collar or harness to safeguard its trachea.

Exercise should be done on a daily basis. But, your Chihuahua might not need long walks because it has an energetic nature so running around a house is enough workout for the dog.

In summary, you need to always stretch your patience when training Chihuahuas. If you want to make sure that your little dog obeys and stays devoted to you, consistency is vital.

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