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Welcome Home Tips to Prepare Your Apartment for Small Dogs

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February 17, 2021

Key Takeaways

Are you looking for tips to prepare your apartment for small dogs?

The benefit of having small dogs is that they are allowed in most apartment complexes. They are also easy to manage despite your cramped lodgings. Your only job is to provide it with the bare necessities and make sure your canine companions feel safe and comfortable when it arrives.

Here are a few tips to prepare your apartment for small dogs:

In This Article

- Checklist for small apartment dog essentials

- Comfort Corner

- Puppy Proofing

1. Checklist for Essentials

A small apartment dog will not take much space in your home.It will, however, need all the pet essentials that cater to its basic needs. You can throw in toys to engage your dog in active play. Having everything ready ensures that you give your pup quality time upon arrival.

Here are the must-have items for your new housemate:

· Dog treats and food

· Crate and bed for training and sleeping, respectively

· Chew toys and other playthings

· Leash and collar for walking

· Grooming kits and supplies

Apart from this, set up a litter area in the balcony for emergencies. It is convenient for pet parents that like on the upper floors of their apartment building.

2. Comfort Corner

Separation anxiety is relatively common amongst pets. You should find ways to keep them calm when you are away. Using dog music is an excellent way to create a relaxing environment when they are home alone.  Even better for them is a safe, comfortable corner made exclusively for them.

You can place toys, a comfortable blanket, and other items in this area.

Additionally, it is a great tip to prepare your apartment for small dogs that might come from abusive households. Use it as a way for them to adjust to their surroundings and have a peaceful place to relax when they are feeling anxious.

3. Puppy Proofing

Pet-proofing your apartment is essential as there are many unsafe corners and health hazards your dog may walk into when you are not there. You must ensure that nothing is lying around that could hurt the dog or make it ill.

Likewise, you should safeguard valuable items from the pet as they are bound to play with it and chew on it. Not only is it harmful to the dog, but it ruins your prized possessions too.

Here some pet-proofing tips for more safety:

· Close doors and windows to prevent your dog from running off or falling off the open entryway.

· Keep small items (e.g., pins, rubber bands, coins, jewelry) out of reach to minimize choking hazards.

· Close the toilet lid and the trashcan in case the dog swallows unclean water or waste.

· Use child-proof latches to stop your pooch from getting into mischief by going inside kitchen/bathroom cabinets.

· Make sure that none of your houseplants are poisonous.

· Unplug electrical appliances and ensure that cords/wires are not lying around on the floor.

· Put breakable items and valuables away.

Other than that, create safety zones for your pet while making sure they know which areas are off-limits. You can do the latter by blocking their entrance to those areas i.e. bathrooms, kitchens, and other spaces.

In a Nutshell

Overall, welcoming your furry friend is more manageable when you have a checklist at hand. We hope that our tips to prepare your apartment for a small dog come to use when you bring a pet home. Start by pet-proofing the place, keep a stock of puppy supplies, and built a comfort zone. Also, shower your pup with love and affection whenever you are home.

Before you know it, the new arrival will feel at home.

Ready for the paw-fect welcome? Let’s start.

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