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What Are the Benefits of Getting an Emotional Support Dog?

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February 17, 2021

Key Takeaways

Are you planning to get an emotional support animal (ESA)?

The benefits of getting an emotional support dog are immensely greater compared to other furry friends. These pawed pals bring a happy, energetic vibe to your homes and give you a reason to head out. They also help you stay calm and focused when you are going through a panic attack and give the best cuddles.  

Here are all the reasons why dogs make great ESAs:

1.     You Feel Less Lonely

Whether you are quarantining or not, small apartment dogs make excellent housemates.They offer comfort and companionship when your mental health isolates you from the rest of the world. Their cute antics fill the void when you’re home alone.

Alternatively, walking around with a dog is the ultimate icebreaker. With them by your side, you meet other pet parents and animal lovers. It leads to daily socialization and sometimes long term friendships with other people with ESDs.

In both scenarios, they serve as an emotional and healthy support system for you. They are great cuddling buddies too!

2.     Boost Mental Health

Many studies reveal that emotional support animals can have therapeutic effects on people suffering from mental health issues.Preliminary research shows that they help ease anxiety, depression, and social shyness. They are equally beneficial for PTSD patients and those who have aerophobia (fear of flying) or agoraphobia (fear of going outside).

In all these cases, the presence of a trusted canine companion can reduce stress and anxiety. They act as an ideal counteraction during a stress-inducing situation. It is especially true for owners who struggle with panic attacks in new places, social gatherings, or traveling.

Having your dog around will serve as a distraction. It, in turn, promotes calmness and comfort. You also feel happier in their presence wherever you go. These benefits of an emotional support dog are good for your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Additionally, playing with them and training them keeps your mind active and stimulated. These effects are valuable for cognitive growth and development in younger ESA owners. 

3.     They Keep You Fit

Besides the many mental health benefits of an emotional support dog, there are certain physical health advantages. They also require a substantial amount of exercise, which can mean morning walks for you too.

It means no matter how down you feel—you won’t be lying in bed all day—seeing your dog’s puppy eyes will convince you to get up and move.Also, taking them for a walk or playing fetch in the backyard allows you to stretch your muscles along with them.

Thereby, having an ESD will keep you physically active and fit.

In a Nutshell

Overall, the benefits of having emotional support dogs are endless. More so, if you feel lonely at home and have trouble interacting with others. They also bring joy in your life, motivate you to get out of bed, and mentally stimulate you.

In short, dogs certainly are man’s best friend.

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