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What Are the Benefits of Playing Dog Music & How Does It Help?

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February 17, 2021

Key Takeaways

Are you skeptical about the benefits of playing dog music?

Our initial reaction towards dog music was to shrug and scroll down the social media feed. Then when Scruffy went through a trouble some period, we decided to give it a chance. The results were remarkable as it kept him calm, collected, and happy during bad spells.

Additionally, you can use dog music to silence bad barking habits, reduce separation anxiety, and a lot more.

Here is a rundown of everything you need to know about playing dog music.

The Benefits of Playing Dog Music: Our Review

There are many dog-friendly playlists available online. We love the advantages of using this ‘Dog Music’ because its designed as a behavioral therapy method. Their budget-friendly bundle includes nine hours of soothing dog music and how-to guide on solving dog anxiety. It is a sweet deal that manages to have a significant impact on your pawed pal’s behavior.

How Does It Work?

Research reveals that the benefits of playing dog music are similar to music therapy for pet parents. One study states that ‘auditory enrichment causes positive behavioral and physiological changes in kenneled dogs.’ The sound vibrations stimulate their mind and help them feel good.

Playing dog music also helps:

·        Create a peaceful and comfortable environment during an uneasy situation

·        Boost their happiness and mental wellbeing

·        Keep your pups company when you are away

In short, it is an excellent way to maintain their anxiety levels.

Bonus Point

Dog anxiety is real, and it turns your best buds into restless and fearful fur balls. Playing dog music helps keep them calm when they show signs of distress.  It is healthier and safer than exposing them to anti-anxiety medication. You don’t have to worry about side-effects or fill in prescriptions whenever you are low on pills and ointments.

Best of all, you can press and play dog music whenever you want. That makes it a hassle-free way to help your pets.

What’s the Best Time to Play Dog Music?

Dog music is a portable anxiety therapy for your furry friend. When you consider this you realize that the benefits of playing dog music apply to multiple situations. You can play the music when your pup is home alone to ease separation anxiety.

You can also play soothing tunes to:

·        Distract them during loud thunderstorms.

·        Drown down noisy festivities that distress them(e.g. fireworks during the 4th of July!)

·        Make restless dogs sleep better

·        Calm them during a clinical exam

·        Keep them at ease in new places, especially during traveling

Besides this, you can play the music whenever they relax in their little kennel or safe zone. You may also set it up as a welcome tune fora new canine companion. Listening to soft, melodic tunes can help them to adjust to their new surroundings faster.

Paw Off: The best practice for playing dog music is to leave it on during good times to.Otherwise, your dog will associate the tunes with bad situations. Due to this, their anxiety and restlessness might escalate instead of getting better.


Parting Words

In short, we won’t shrug and scroll over potential pet therapy remedies ever again. If your canine companion is suffering from dog anxiety, agitation, or behavioral issues, try Dog Music. It is an easy and safe way to cure their blues without medication.

Stay tuned for more pet guides and reviews from yours truly!

PS: Do you want to reap the benefits of playing dog music? Click here.


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