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What Are the Best Small Dog Breeds for Kids?

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February 17, 2021

Key Takeaways

Has your child been begging for a pet? Are you planning to fullfil their wish this Christmas or on their next birthday?

Whether you live in a small apartment, have a tight budget, or live in a plush apartment overlooking the whole nine yards, it doesn’t matter. When it comes to the best small dog breeds for kids, the most significant variables include playtime, personality, and personal hygiene.

It might sound like a challenging quest considering these demands, but we managed to round-up some playmates that fit this description.

Let’s have a look.

The Best Small Breeds for Kids

Being a family pet is a 24/7 job when there are young ones involves. You need a dog that is eager to please their little owners and doesn’t require too much maintenance. Your potential pet must also have the energy to match your child’s wildest games during playtime and the tolerance for cuddles.

It sounds like a tough task to pull, right?

These canine companions would disagree:


Pugs are a popular choice for children because they are the funniest furry friends on this list. Their short, sturdy bodies and expressive feature make their daily antics highly entertaining. They also manage to engage with senior members and youngsters alike. That is ideal for families with grandparents in the house.

More importantly, they are quick learners, which make them easier to train.  Adding to this is their short fur coat that doesn’t require too much grooming. Both factors account for their low-maintenance lifestyle that fits with busy families.


Are you looking for a loyal canine companion?

Beagles foster child-friendly partnerships as soon as they come home. They have a way with humans that go beyond their social skills and cheery disposition. That is probably because, unlike most dogs. They know how to strike a balance between calmness and chaos.

That means that despite their super active nature, they are happy to relax near you without whining.

Plus, their shiny coat and classic puppy dogs adds to the appeal. Like the pugs, their fur is easy to maintain, which earns them extra brownie points.

Biewer Terrier

These endearing dogs are underrated and rare terrier breeds. Appearance-wise, they look like Yorkshire Terriers. The only difference is that they are happier and friendlier. Plus, they don’t display an attitude problem during training that many Yorkie owners complain about due to their pet’s stubbornness.

Other excellent qualities include their energetic nature and stamina that makes them fit for endless hours of out-door fun. Additionally, their long hair gives kids a chance to style them in bows and cute accessories. It is a great selling point for children that enjoy playing dress-up with pets and toys.  

Bichon Frise

No list of best small dog breeds for kids is complete without the addition of Bichon Frise. These endearing beings are sociable, affectionate, and cuddly.  These traits help them form an instant connection with young owners. They respond to commands well and are always enthusiastic about exploring the great outdoors.

Apart from this, families love them because of their hypoallergenic, low-shedding fur. Like most dogs in this article, they require bare minimum grooming.  


It’s a Wrap!

Now that we have introduced you to the best small breeds for kids, you will find a wonderful pet in no time. Each of these fur balls manages to brighten up your home and fill your child’s life with laughter and love.

With that said, remember to consider your lifestyle and budget as well as dog breeds, though. That way, you are less likely to experience unwanted surprises when you bring the pet home.

So what are you waiting for? Let the search begin!

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