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What To Consider Before Buying a Dog Toy

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February 17, 2021

Key Takeaways

The best dog toy is that which is not harmful to the dog, but affords him hours of fun. 

Let’s look at some do’s and don’ts when purchasing a dog toy.

Depending on the breed, some dogs prefer a particular toy over others.  In fact, while it may not be a toy at all, some dogs may become attached to an inanimate object much like a child will hang on to a security blanket.

Generally, however, dogs love toys that squeak.  Doesn’t matter what shape or color it is, as long as it squeaks, it becomes a favorite.  

* Do buy a toy that squeaks and is made of durable rubber.

* Don’t, however, purchase a squeaky toy that can easily be torn.  A dog can easily choke on the squeaker.

Taking your dog to the part is an important part of their exercise regimen.  As such, bringing along the Frisbee or tennis ball will give your dog hours of pleasure.

* Do buy a Frisbee and tennis balls.

* Don’t buy any that are made of hard plastic.

Dogs love to chew on just about anything, especially puppies.  While plastic bones are widely available, dogs prefer bones they can readily chew such as rawhide. 

* Do buy dog bones made of vegetable material.

* Don’t give your done a bone made of rawhide as they tend to eat it causing digestive problems.

Dogs particular love toys that have a secret compartment wherein you can place food. 

* Do buy a rubber toy called the Kong, a heavy duty toy with a hole in the center. 

* Don’t buy cheap toys that are made of plastic or that can be easily chewed.  Dogs can break them and choke on or cut their gums on the pieces. 

The truth is, you can easily make a toy out of an old sock.  Make some large knots in it and your dog will be perfectly happy.  But when choosing a dog toy, it is important to read the label to ensure it is perfectly safe, does not contain any lead, and is durable.

The best method would be to purchase a variety of toys and let your dog choose the ones which he prefers.  Whether the toys are stuffed, squeakers, or have hidden compartments; your dog will be the best judge as to what is more to his liking.  

Once you have found the right one – stock up on it.  If you are a pet owner, you know from experience that once a dog is given a toy that squeaks, for example, it will take about five minutes before that toy loses its squeaking capability.  Choose one that is durable and will last longer.

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