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When Your Dog Needs Another Home and When You Need A Hug

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April 18, 2021

Key Takeaways

At some point in our lives, the time will come when we have to let go of the feelings and move on with life.

Finding a new home and the death of our furry pal is beyond pain. For some, it is easy to move on and forget. But for pet lovers, anxiety and the feeling of loneliness are inevitable. It may not be comparable to the tragic loss of our human friend or family. Still, the sense of abandonment is the same.

The feelings that we have knowing that our dog will never go back to what it used to call "home" are valid. In this article, let us talk about dealing with emotions about two common situations when you have to say goodbye to your fido - finding a new home and death.

When Your Dog Needs Another Home

One of the most complex parts of taking care of a dog is knowing that you are no longer the perfect owner anymore. No matter how responsible you've become like a dog parent, sometimes your personal life events would give you no choice but to find another home for your fido.

This situation happens when you have been living alone with a dog. You're suddenly expecting a baby or living with a kid for good. It is when the dog may become violent because of its new environment. It could be because of the loud noises and high-energy movement from a child that has never been there when it was just the two of you.

Our fidos have unique personalities and may act differently in various situations. It may feel threatened or afraid of the presence of new strangers. So, it may become aggressively dominant. Sometimes, training for getting used to kids is no more tolerable by non-expert animal behaviorists. 

In some cases, it is too late to teach the dog to be friendly towards children because of its old age. The "learning" stage and socialization are over. Although many behavioral problems can get fixed through proper management, "alpha wanna-be" dogs are not the breeds you want around young children.

When relocating your dog to a new home where it will be safe and happy is what you need to do. When it happens, don't feel guilty. Letting go of your furry friend to a place it will be better and safe is not a betrayal.

Love Is Not Always Enough

When we choose to adopt a dog, we devote our time, effort, and ourselves to giving the best care possible. Every dog needs someone who would show love, but sometimes the feeling of love is not enough.

When the time comes that the dog becomes destructive in its behavior because of recent changes in your life, finding a new home is probably your best option. This act of letting go is a part of "love" that you can give to your fido. It is not giving up but providing the best environment that it needs.

Living with a pup for years can build a strong emotional attachment. Believe it or not, our dogs also feel the same way. It would never be easy to leave and get left behind, but sometimes it is the best option.

Our responsibility is to use our resources and intelligence to provide the dog with the best viable life. When choosing becomes hard, understand what a dog needs to be happy and put our ego out of the way.

With a dog that needs a new home, it is either necessary for its own sake or the sake of others. When it does, do your best to find the perfect home. Do it for the dog's happiness, no matter how much letting would break your heart.

When You Need A Hug 

One of the most painful life events that we all have to face is the death of someone close to us. We do great lengths to find the bodies of those people who die. At the same, we also take long days mourning for that lost someone.

When grieving, we need to do what feels right to us, not what other people think we ought to do. Ordinary people who have no passion for pets would recover sooner than expected. Some might even say that "it's just a pet" or "it's okay, we'll get a new one." But for pet parents, it is not as simple as that.

Sure, you can get the same dog with the same breed and looks. You may even adopt its other siblings. But when you have been with a dog for a long time, no one can replace its position in your life. Losing a pet is like taking away a part of yourself. The Golden Retriever you used to call "Casper" will never be the same as other Golden Retrievers. 

Research has shown that people grieve for a pet the same way they suffer for a loved human. We go through different stages of denial, anger, sadness, and eventual resolution. But it is also vital that you accept reality. Then, give yourself some time to heal and acknowledge the passing of your furry companion.

When Your Dog Needs A Hug

Unlike humans, dogs don't understand the context of death. When you say "someone has died" in its face, it will never understand you. It may take months before it can perceive that its owner or other pack members are gone.

Dogs can be quite emotional during the death of one of their social circle. They may feel stressed because of strange changes or a loss of social interaction with a companion, but we do not yet know if dogs have a death concept. 

When a member of the pack gets dead, it helps the living animal spend a little more time with the deceased. Let it sniff a dead old friend before sending the body away. It is one way to pay your respects.


One day, we have to part ways with our furry companions. It can be because of the need to find a new home or grieving. While it may not be as profound as losing a human friend or family member, the sense of abandonment is the same.

When we realize our dog will never return to the place it once called "home," the feelings we may feel are valid. The pain of finding a new home and losing our furry friend is unbearable. It is easy for others to forget and move on. But when it happens to you, overcome your anxiety and depression the right way you know how. Feel the pain, accept the truth, and go on with your life.

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