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Which Embark Kit is right for me?

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February 8, 2023

Key Takeaways

This article explains the importance of genetic testing for dogs and how it can help ensure their health and well-being. It provides information on the Embark DNA test kit, which is used to learn more about a dog's breed, ancestry, and potential health risks. It also offers information on the age and gut health tests that are available through Embark, and how they can be used to make informed decisions about a dog's health. Finally, it emphasizes the importance of these tests for pet owners, as they can help to identify potential health issues early on and inform treatment decisions.

Why is it important that you know the DNA of your puppies? Genetic testing has become an integral part of the lives of many dog lovers. Undoubtedly, we all love our dogs very much. By knowing their genetic makeup, we can understand how best to care for them, as well as how to choose suitable mates to minimize the risk of certain unfavorable traits being passed on. There are many ways you can learn how to analyze your dog's DNA and get a clear picture of his history and future potential but the best way is to use the Embark DNA test kit. Embark offers different kits and each serves different purposes. Here I will tell you about each Embark kit and which one is right for me and my dog.

What is Embark?

Embark is a company that offers a DNA testing kit for dogs. The kit allows dog owners to learn more about their dog's breed, ancestry, and potential health risks. The kit is easy to use and involves taking a cheek swab from your dog and sending it back to the company for analysis. Once the analysis is complete, you will receive a detailed report with information about your dog's breed, ancestry, and potential health risks. Additionally, you can also see the genetic relatives of your dog and compare them with your dog's DNA, and get insights about the breeds that are in your dog's DNA.

Embark features and usage

Embark DNA test kit is a scientific, at-home genetic testing method that can offer you extremely valuable insights into your dog's wellness. It has three important and different features:

  • Dog DNA tests
  • Age test
  • Gut health test
Embark Dog DNA Test Kits

Embark Dog DNA test

We recently performed an Embark dog DNA test kit on Max, our Labrador. The results were pretty interesting: he's a purebred Labrador! When we ordered the Embark kit, we were told it would reveal about 350 plus breeds and that it would take about two weeks to get the results. We got the results in just under a week!

The DNA test results contain an ancestral tree report—a visual representation of Max's family tree—and information about his maternal and paternal relatives. We also learned that one of Max's cousins is the winner of several dog competitions.

Max is a pure breed Labrador, which makes sense because he looks just like one (but smaller).

The Embark DNA test kit provides the same information as a human kit, but it also tells us about more than 250 health risks that dogs can suffer from. We can use this information to make sure that Max doesn't develop any of these issues later in his life.

In addition to providing information about the diseases Maxis susceptible to, Embark can tell us what drugs he is sensitive to and what kinds of blood he has. It also tells us what kind of lifestyle is good for him so that we can keep him healthy and happy!

The Embark DNA test kit even provides information about the body performance of our dog Max and whether he will shed or not. This can be useful when it comes to determining if our dog is the right breed for us or not.

The Embark Breed + Health Kit, tests for over 350 breeds, types, and varieties and more than 210+ genetic health risks.

I've been looking for in-depth and comprehensive information about my dog's DNA and I found it in Embark DNA. This test kit has every thing that I need to know about my dog's health, personality, and genetic makeup. The detailed report also provides recommendations on how to improve my dog's health and wellness.

Find out what your dog’s DNA says about his or her breed, ancestry and more with a simple cheek swab with an Embark Breed Identification Kit.

Embark Dog Age Test Kit

Embark Dog Age Test

Embark DNA age test is a way to find out your dog's biological age. It can help you make decisions about your dog's health and well-being that are based on an accurate understanding of how old your dog's body is, rather than trying to guess using things like how much sleep they get,or how often they exercise. The test uses DNA methylation to determine the aging process in your body and tells you how fast or slow it is progressing.

The process of using the DNA age kit is simple. Get a swab from your dog’s cheek or under his tongue for at least 60 seconds, then send the sample to the address listed on the box and wait for 7 to 8 weeks for results.

Embark dog age test is a one-of-a-kind test that provides you with an accurate estimate of your dog's age, along with information about what types of care are needed according to his life stage. The test also provides you with information on the nutrients and supplements that are best for him.

Get your Embark New Age Test

Embark Dog Gut Health Test

Gut Health Test

Embark's gut health test kit for dogs is designed to provide detailed information about a dog's gut microbiome, which can help identify potential health issues and inform treatment decisions.

The kit comes with simple instructions and only requires as mall stool sample to be collected at home. Results are delivered within 2 weeks of the sample being received by Embark, allowing for quick and easy identification of any potential issues. The test does comprehensive testing of gut microbes because the kit tests for a wide range of gut microbes, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses, as well as markers for inflammation and gut health.

The results include detailed information about the specific microbes present in the dog's gut, as well as a personalized report that provides recommendations for maintaining gut health. Based on the results of the test you will also be suggested to use some supplements and diet changes in your dog’s life.

The results are reviewed by a veterinarian before being sent to the pet owner, ensuring that the information is accurate and actionable. You can check the reliability of the test and your dog responds to changes and treatment by retesting.

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Embark's DNA test kit for dogs is designed to provide detailed information about a dog's breed, ancestry, and genetic health conditions. Embark age testing is designed to accurately estimate a dog's age based on its DNA. Embark gut health test kit for dogs, on the other hand, is designed to provide detailed information about a dog's gut microbiome.

Overall, Embark offers a range of test kits that provide pet owners with valuable insights into their dog's health and well-being. These tests can help to identify potential health issues early on and inform treatment decisions, which can improve the quality of life for both the dog and its owner. In conclusion, each kit is important for every pet parent because it gives a lot of information about your pet.

Embark's New Age Test

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