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5 Fun Plays With Dogs

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January 24, 2023

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Our furry pals would also want to get entertained and have some fun. Playing games is an excellent way to keep the dog and its owner active, get busy and do exercise. So, if you are looking for ways to keep your pup out of trouble, here are fun plays you can do together. 

Playtime with your fido means making quality moments. It helps the dog feel more comfortable. It may sound cliché, but you also make memories that your dog can remember to be at ease with humans.

5 Fun Plays With Dogs

It could be a bummer if you got stuck with your dog for days at home. But what’s even worse is that you don’t spend that time teaching your pup something valuable. So, make sure not to spoil the fun. Try out some activities that will keep you and your companion active and happy. Plus, most fun plays with dogs rarely require expensive things and equipment. 

Fun Play With Dogs #1 - Tug of War

Tug of war is one of the easiest fun plays with dogs. It is fun, engaging, and an excellent physical exercise. You can also train your fido’s manners. Playing tug of war can also be one of the most motivating rewards.

Start by choosing a suitable toy. It should have enough distance between your dog’s mouth and your hands. Then, start the game by putting the toy on the ground and calling your pup. Once the dog gets interested, help it bite the middle part of the toy and start playing.

A slight growl is typical, which shows excitement. But if you feel your fido is becoming over-aggressive, taking breaks helps. It is essential to teach your pup the “drop it.” So, you can communicate with the dog when it’s having a hard time releasing the toy. 

Using dog treats is a great way to reinforce the pup as you remove the toy from its mouth. Drop the toy if it reaches your skin, hair, or even clothes. It’s like saying, “pause, you’re getting too far.” Enjoy the game and take turns in winning. Remember that it is all about having fun. Do it the right way to avoid bad habits, like biting, of your pup.

Fun Play With Dogs #2 - Flirt Pole Or Flirt Stick

Using a flirt pole for a dog keeps your dog mentally and physically active, especially for high-energy dogs. It is a long stick or bar with a rope attached to its end. At the end of the string, it has a lure that entices our furry companions to chase it.

The rule of this game is simple, and you can do it indoors or in your garden. You keep on swinging until your pup catches the lure. When it does, teach your dog to release it by saying a command and giving a treat.

Flirt poles are a way for your pet to use its natural prey drive in a non-destructive way. It is also a great way to train some basic impulse control commands, like letting go of something. One quick session can tire out your pup and even yours. So make sure that you and your dog are physically and mentally ready for this fun activity.

Fun Play With Dogs #3 - Create Personalized Agility Course

If you have a spacious garden, then you can create a personalized agility course for your dog. It is another way to teach some new tricks and mental stimulation for dogs. You make a track that involves running, jumping, and even crawling. Then, you and your pup have to run at it back and forth.

Some people use hula hoops to jump through, blankets to jump over, and tiny mini cones to weave around. Making your agility equipment is a great way to step things up a notch. But how can you make your pup run the agility course, especially the lazy breeds? It is always about the treats.

Fun Play With Dogs #4 - Hidden Treats

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. They love using their noses, so your furry pal will never get sick of playing it. It is one of the simplest fun plays with dogs. Finding those hidden treats is an excellent way of stimulating canine’s mental and natural sniffing abilities.

Start by putting some treats on the ground. It can be something that you bought from pet stores or homemade. Encourage your dog to find the treats by giving them their release command. If they are struggling, point some clues. 

Don’t forget to encourage the pup to find more hidden treats by giving praises. You can escalate the difficulty of finding the treats once your dog knows what the ‘hidden treats’ game means. 

Is your dog not coming when called?

Fun Play With Dogs #5 - Obedience Training

Don’t think too deep and go too far if you want to train basic commands in a fun way. An obedience training game is a perfect way to keep your pup occupied while learning new things. 

Obedience training works when you want to enhance your dog’s skills for competition or improving positive response. You can teach some basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “shake hands.”


When doing these fun plays with dogs, don’t be so over-competitive. Remember, the goal is to get entertained. If you don’t let your fido win, it may lose interest in playing. The game becomes more entertaining when your dog wins, and it also proves to your dog that you are a lot of fun to be around. More importantly, know the things to avoid when playing with your dog. It makes the game safe.

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