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What Should You Not Do When Playing With Your Dog?

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January 24, 2023

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Not knowing even the little details can make the worst mistake. It is true with doing exercises and activities with our furry pals. Sometimes, a simple, fun game with dogs can lead to painful bites and accidents. So, the question is, what should you NOT do when playing with your dog? 

Are you aware of the actions to avoid and the suitable toys to use when bonding with your furry pal? Controlling the behavior of your pup during playtime is as essential as basic impulse commands. So here are the things that you should know to make your playtime fun and save each time.

What Should You Not Do When Playing With Your Dog?

Both humans and dogs play like kids, even into adulthood. But it could also mean accidents and dog bites if gone wrong. It all starts with understanding the behavior of your pup through its body language. Then, know these things that you should not do when playing with your dog. These are essential in building a fun and safe environment around your fido.

Avoid Using Hands When Playing 

Never use your hands to play with your furry friends. It may be fun to tap and tease your pet with your hands, but it could lead to misunderstandings. Your pup may interpret biting at fingers and feet as positive reinforcement. Do yourself a favor and use pet toys intended for these situations.

Avoid Using The Wrong Toy

There's a reason manufacturers created specific toys for dogs. They build the right size, shape, and type for every breed to avoid choking hazards. Tennis and golf balls that humans use can lead to tragic choking accidents. Picking small dog balls for large breeds is also a mistake.

Thus, it is essential to pick the suitable pet toy for each play, depending on your fido's breed and size. If your pup is into playing with those rounded objects, you can use larger and softer balls. Avoid toys with buttons or plastic eyes, as they may come loose and become choking hazards. 

Avoid Playing Rough With Dogs

Another reason why play soft and let your pup win for every game is to avoid behavioral problems. For example, playing wrestling with a canine can threaten other breeds and even people living with it.

Do not roughhouse with your dog because it makes them more likely to bite. It is one way to train the pup to be aggressive, especially when done right. If your dog begins to play aggressively, you can redirect your furry pal to another game or toy.

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Don't Play Under Scorching Weather

Playing with your pet during a humid day can cause heatstroke. So, it is not ideal for playing outside when the temperature rises. The rule is simple; stay indoors and keep your pup cool during those scorching days of summer. Avoid playing with your furry friend outside.

Don't Tease Dogs By Withholding Toys

It may seem cute to watch a pup scramble after taking a toy out of its reach, but it is not helpful for its growth. Dog trainers take away toys for behavioral purposes, like teaching when to stop. But avoid doing it often, especially if you just want to tease. 

Allow your pup to play with the toy. Avoid frustrating it by playing dog-in-the-middle. Let your dog play with the ball or toy rather than passing it back and forth with another human.

Not Taking Breaks

Even the most famous athletes who have been training every day take timeouts during a game. Like humans, pets also need to take a break in any activity, no matter how fun it may be. When you push your pet to play for long periods, your pet can become exhausted.

Note that canines are more likely to hurt themselves and also feel soreness if they become tired. So limit its physical activities and avoid overexerting physical exercises. Dogs with short noses are more prone to getting exhausted. 

Look for any signs that your pup needs a break during a play. Sometimes, our furry friends also get so excited that they forget to watch their breathing and feel tired.

Not Playing Enough

Did you know that lack of play is a common pet-care mistake? Like humans, our furry pals also need some fun and playtime. It helps in communicating better and making the dog feel loved. Not to mention playing has benefits with its overall health and wellness.

So, it would help if you can schedule regular play sessions with your pet. Playing with your pet translates to a longer life and less strain on their body. Give at least 15 to 30 minutes of your time each day to have some time with your pup. Taking walks, especially for large breeds, is enough.

Never Scold A Pet During Playtime

Scolding your pup when it makes a mistake during a play can cause behavioral issues. When a dog does any inappropriate actions like biting, correct it properly. Focus on the good. It means to say a command, use treats, and implement positive reinforcements. Never harm or scream at your pet just because of one mistake.


Doing physical activities and fun games with your pup is essential in honing its behavioral traits. But avoid accidents and misbehavior by understanding what you should not do when playing with your dog. Playing together helps you and the fido stay physically and emotionally healthy.

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