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How To Train Social Status-Seeking Dogs?

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May 12, 2021

Key Takeaways

Whether you have several dog breeds at home or just one, there should only be one alpha on the pack. The leader should be you.

Like other animals in the wild and even humans, dogs also operate based on a social hierarchy. Social status relates to the behavior of both humans and dogs. The hierarchical system for canines is simple - it has one leader or the alpha and its followers. These are social status-seeking dogs who make all the decisions and have the most respect. 

If there are social status-seeking canines, then how would you establish yourself as the alpha? How can you control its behavior and earn trust and respect from your fido? It's what you're about to learn.

How To Train Social Status-Seeking Dogs?

Some dogs are submissive, while others possess leader traits. It is challenging to determine dominant dogs because some may show submissive characteristics at first. But one thing they have in common is that all breeds are docile. As the pack leader, you can establish dominance or a relationship wherein you are the alpha. 

But it is not as simple as commanding your dog, shouting, and applying physical harm to gain respect. It is never the right way of establishing leadership over your pup. So, here are some ways to be an authoritative figure and assert dominance yet a benevolent leader in your home.

Keep The "Alpha" Mentality

You must keep the "alpha" mentality whenever around with social status-seeking dogs. It means you'll have to be the first at almost anything. For example, make sure that you are the first to go out of the door when going for walks. While walking, keep the dog by your side or behind you.

Like in humans, the alpha in a dog's hierarchical system tells how the members live. So, you need to learn that your needs come first, even from the most minor things. Remember that social status-seeking dogs are dominant. While the alpha mentality may sound like a small thing, but it has a lot of significance in the eyes of your dog.

Control Your Dog's Resources

The alpha maintains and distributes the supplies of its members. So, controlling all your dog's resources is another way to assert dominance. Don't let your furry pal have access to its treats and food without you. When you have to go out, keep the food supply locked up tight.

It would also help if you let it sit and wait as you prepare the food. But feed your dog not too late with enough nutrition because it may cause other behavioral problems. Avoid eating together. It looks sweet on photos, but it is not a good idea when living with social status-seeking dogs.

Maintain Your Private Space

Dogs are fluffy, and it's so comfortable to bring them up on the bed and cuddle all day. While many dog owners enjoy sharing their beds with their dogs, it's not wise if you are asserting dominance over aggressive canines.

Some dominant dogs will interpret it as an act of submission. So, it may seem that both of you are in the same social status, or the authority becomes murkier. It is better to keep your private space by yourself. Do the cuddling with your pup in other areas of your home but not where you sleep.

Establish Rules

As the alpha, you set rules and make corrections whenever necessary. Stick with your terms because slipping the rules opens doors for your dog to challenge your authority. But it is crucial that you make these corrections through positive reinforcements. 

When a dominant dog disobeys your rule, make sure that the obedience training is fair and consistent. Dogs will always encounter new challenges and temptations throughout maturity. So, come up with positive training techniques and guidance to raise a well-behaved dog into adulthood.

Proper Way Of Correcting Bad Behaviors

Dogs have flaws because, as humans, no breed is perfect. But as the leader with high status and dominance over status-seeking dogs, you need to be wise. Remember that correction through physical abuse is never training. It can raise aggressive dogs.

Sometimes, misbehavior on dogs is their way of challenging its owner as of the leader. A dominant dog will challenge their alpha if they see signs of weakness. Regardless of the issues, address all wrongdoings like growling and biting through positive reinforcements.

Stay firm and fair because screaming and hitting is never the answer to treating misbehaviors. It may increase the dog's defensive aggressiveness. Alphas are always in control and know how to enforce the rules gently. Use commands like "no" and "stop" with visual signals and bribe them through treats.

Make Your Dog Earn Everything

It's going to be more worthy if you don't give toys and treats right away. Make your pup earn it. You don't have to provide a treat just because the dog begs for it. Give it only in certain situations, like when the canine follows a command. 

You should not just give your dog treats for no good reason. It may leave an impression that it can have all of those goodies whenever they want.


Establishing yourself as the alpha is essential when living with a dog, especially those dominant breeds. Being dominant is not about the size. Some small species can become aggressive depending on how you raise them. 

As a loving dog parent, it is easy to give in whenever around our furry pals. You will ensure your dog will be well-trained and well-rounded by asserting your dominance. Just do their brain training right.

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