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♟️ Behavior Training

Learn the best ways to help your dog learn and grow with positive behavior training. Get tips on how to train your pup to be the best canine companion possible.

The Secret to Making Your Dog's Behavioral Problems Disappear

If you want a well-behaved dog, there is a lot that depends on the dog's character. Nearly any dog can discover, at least a bit of manners. Depending upon the dog's character and desire to learn, you may need to work a little more difficult or try some various approaches to get the outcomes you want.

How Sensitive Is A Dog's Sense Of Smell?

Almost every action of our pup involves getting a whiff of something. But when you suddenly spray your favorite perfume or air freshener, your furry pup sneezes. So, how sensitive is a dog's sense of smell? Learn more about dogs' sense of smell.

Why Dogs Love Smelly Things?

Does your dog just like smelly objects, or is it only a disgusting habit? You probably have a lot of questions than answers. So, let's identify the reasons dogs love smelly things based on popular theories from experts.

You Have More In Common With Your Dog Than You Might Think

The sense of smell for dogs is 40 times better than humans, but did you know that you have more in common with your dog than you might think? Dogs have superior sniffing powers than ours, but let us find out the things that we have in common with smelling senses.

How Do Dogs Communicate?

Most of us have been wondering how do dogs communicate. In this article, let's give you a better understanding how canines express themselves through visual, auditory, and olfactory communications.

How Your Body "Talks" To Your Dog And How To Make Sure It Says What You Want

The way how your body talks to your dog affect the message that you want to convey. Dogs mostly interpret our every action. So how can you make sure that it understands your message? Learn more.

Canine Body Language: What Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You?

Dogs love to send their owners and other pups a message through canine body language. But do you understand what your dog is trying to tell you? Non-verbal language has never been easy to understand. Training and focus on the body movements of your pet is crucial to understand its behavior.

How Dogs And Humans Use Sound Differently And How To Change The Way You Use It To Better Communicate With Your Dog

In the canine world, sounds are not what you think your dog thinks. The sound you make, including the high and low pitches, affects how we can communicate with our small dogs. It is a challenge for every breed to interpret the words we say because they use another canine dictionary.

Dog and Human Communication: The Importance Of Tone and Volume

In dog and human communication, the paw parent should understand the importance of tone and volume. It is not about what you say, but how you say the word. But what would make if you want your pup to understand you? It is about knowing when to raise or lower your voice.

8 Common Dog Behaviors and What Do They Mean?

Our furry pals do different behaviors that can also say about their moods and health. In this article, we will focus on common dog behaviors and their meaning. Let us answer why your pup is doing weird actions at home. Learn how to give your pup the proper training or help that it needs.

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking

Here are some ways to stop your dog from barking excessively.

How to Stop Your Puppy From Chewing

Bringing home a new puppy can be exciting for any owner. This new addition can bring great joy to your household. Here are some ways to stop your puppy from chewing on things
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7 Best Dog Agility Training Equipment For Small Dogs

The best way to start with is to get the best agility training equipment for small dogs. Then, assemble a small track in your backyard or build an indoor dog obstacle course in your home. Many studies have shown that training your dog with agility kits has many positive effects, even if you aren't competing. Your pup can benefit its body and mind from this workout. It can improve your pup's cognition and instincts, even for small breeds. So, we have reviewed the best agility training equipment for small dogs. 

5 Best Small Dog Ramps: Complete Buying Guide

Does your pet struggle from climbing onto the couch, bed, or your car? It's a common scenario for dogs with short legs. So, using small dog ramps is a perfect way to help them access high-level areas in your home. This tool avoids accidents and injuries caused by jumping from high furniture as well.You can find various dog ramps - from lightweight to foldable styles. Whether it's for indoor or outdoor purposes, there's a perfect ramp for your pooch. This complete buying guide gives you the best small dog ramps.

When Your Dog Needs Another Home and When You Need A Hug

At some point in our lives, the time will come when we have to let go of the feelings and move on with life. Finding a new home and the death of our furry pal is beyond pain. For some, it is easy to move on and forget. But for pet lovers, anxiety and the feeling of loneliness are inevitable.

How To Cope With the Death Of Your Dog?

Losing our loyal companion is almost like losing a human close to us. So, how to cope up with the death of your dog? According to studies, pet lovers also undergo the grieving process when losing their most loyal furry friend. The pain may cause levels of anxiety, denial, and loneliness.

Review on DoggieLawn Toy Starter Sets

If your puppy keeps on chewing almost everything that they see because they are teething or anxious, the Super Chewer Starter Set’s products are here to help you control their chewing habits that can be destructive. The Puppy Starter Set has everything that you need for your puppy. This set will help you prepare to be a good paw-rent with the best selling treats, Peanut the Elephant, a popular cuddle buddy, Rocco and Roxie’s enzymatic odor eliminator, and eco-friendly poop bags.

How Social Status Relates to the Behavior of Both Humans and Dogs?

How Social Status Relates to the Behavior of Both Humans and Dogs? Like humans, dogs also pay attention to other pets' rank or position and even their owner. Often, we think of the alpha have a high social status and a dominant influence. But in the worst cases, the alpha can also become physically abusive to gain attention and train behavior.

How To Train Social Status-Seeking Dogs?

How To Train Social Status-Seeking Dogs? Some dogs are submissive, while others possess leader traits. It is challenging to determine dominant dogs because some may show submissive characteristics at first. But one thing they have in common is that all breeds are docile. As the pack leader, you can establish dominance or a relationship wherein you are the alpha. But it is not as simple as commanding your dog, shouting, and applying physical harm to gain respect. It is never the right way of establishing leadership over your pup. So, here are some ways to be an authoritative figure and assert dominance yet a benevolent leader in your home.

Understanding Dog Pack Hierarchy: How to Tell Which Dog is Alpha?

Understanding Dog Pack Hierarchy: How to Tell Which Dog is Alpha? Understanding The Source of Dominance. Each dog has a unique personality; some are submissive while others are dominant. But some canines show dominant traits through physical attributes. You can spot those hard and cold stares, and you'll already know what it means. Some breeds are small, sweet, and friendly until they see an opening to attack. These dogs keep their "dominant" characteristics inside. Aggressive dogs require proper training to avoid overpowering its owner and strangers. So, let's discuss how to tell which dog is alpha, especially for smaller dog breeds you have at home. Start training a social status-seeking dog by understanding dog pack hierarchy.

Being A Benevolent Pack Leader: How To Teach Dogs Learn Emotional Control?

Being A Benevolent Pack Leader: How To Teach Dogs Learn Emotional Control? Patient dogs and wise humans - it is the perfect setup in teaching dogs about emotional control.Teaching a dog how to be patient and polite is like raising a kid. You do it as a calm and collected parent. However, the difference is that we get to relate to a child's behavior because we've all been there. 

What Are The Basic Dog Commands For Learning Emotional Control?

Sit, come, and stay - these are some of the basic commands that every dog should know.A benevolent pack leader needs to know the basic dog commands in training your furry pal. Raising a well-behaved canine is about being patient and wise to its response. It is fulfilling to see our furry companions follow the commands we say, especially when it becomes impulsive.